8 terrarium ideas that will make you dream

8 terrarium ideas that will make you dream

We are used to seeing terrariums already ready in the garden center. They are generally composed of earth, small pebbles at the bottom of the jar and one or more green or succulent plants. However, some decide to make their terrariums themselves and make it a real magical universe that we invite you to discover:

1) a world of hobbit

Even those who are not fans of this saga will agree that this terrarium is really beautiful!

2) A terrarium filled with love

This small house, its fence and its garden give the impression that this terrarium is a place where lovers stay.

3) For Totoro fans

You can actually insert small characters into your terrarium to customize it to your liking.

4) A terrarium with a waterfall that looks more than real

Incredible, it remains frozen and therefore makes no noise! It is also no less splendid!

5) a tropical terrarium

This gives the impression of arriving in hot springs in the middle of nature. A happiness for our little eyes!

6) For explorers

A large terrarium all in height to observe these great mountains.

7) A terrarium inhabited by small beings

Strange little beings may inhabit your universe.

8) a witch’s house

It’s up to you to decide if you welcome a witch, or just her house …

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"The bathroom is a room that you decorate", D. Rozensztroch

“The bathroom is a room that you decorate”, D. Rozensztroch

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