Let’s live outside

Let's live outside

As summer approaches, what better way than to live in style outside? It was from this idea that Sabz was born, which means “green” in Persian. At the head of this space dedicated to exterior design, two fans of the “green attitude”, Denis Castaing and Emmanuel Chevret. Interview…

Maison A Part: How did this desire to make the garden a natural extension of the house come about?

Denis Castaing: Emmanuel and I have an atypical career. Both explored other routes before arriving in Sabz. But the idea is not new! For my part, I have a long-standing passion for architecture, design and plants which encouraged me to train in design and interior architecture with ADAC and at the School. Boulle. As for Emmanuel, he trained as a florist at Christian Tortu while graduating from the horticultural high school in Montreuil.

MAP: Sabz is a space exclusively dedicated to the outdoors. However, we have the impression of being in a design showroom with furniture that has its place inside!

DC: We want to make the exterior a natural extension of the house. A fully-fledged living room that you can enjoy both inside and outside. Until now there was little offer for individuals. Outdoor furniture was not valued, little known … We are a real showcase for beautiful garden furniture.

MAP: What does your team’s work consist of?

DC: A lot of people are lost when it comes to arranging an outdoor space. Beyond simple landscaping, we offer a comprehensive approach. We take everything into account, from the ground, through lighting, containers, planters, plants, rugs… The garden becomes a place where we like to receive people, to spend time. A structured but open living space.

MAP: What are the means implemented to create a designer garden …

DC: Careful. The idea is not to have 100% design! On the contrary, what is interesting is to mix the moods. We try to bring structural elements, strong pieces to the exterior space. Few, but pretty ones that dress the place. We mix trends as we do inside the house. It’s interesting to have echoes between interior and exterior fittings… We can also recycle a few pieces: planters, pots, in order to find a common thread.

MAP: How do you work with individuals?

DC: We have, above all, an advisory role. And as we do not like to repeat ourselves endlessly, we are force of proposals on new projects for individuals or companies. We don’t just offer design or plants. We are in search of innovation to go to the end of the process. Each time we seek to create living spaces.

MAP: Let’s talk about the budget. How much should you consider to change your exterior?

DC: It takes around 300 euros per square meter. After that, it all depends on the choices of the customers. Are we changing the light? What do we do with the floors? Which containers? All of this can take a budget from one to three times. Things are done in the showroom as well as on the Internet. Individuals send us photos of the spaces to be changed and we respond to them. Depending on the space, we intervene on site or not. Everything starts from a plan and then evolves over the course of your desires!

MAP: We always feel that you are looking for tips.

DC: Yes! Currently, we are carrying out a project in a Parisian house. We are looking for an original separation system to isolate the garden a little. We are working on a panel system, after all is possible. Paint them, illustrate them with photos… It is important not to fall into the linear. To play with materials, colors, textures, relief. You have to avoid monotonous things that make you a straight and ungrateful garden!

MAP: Do you have a favorite piece of furniture?

DC: Several actually! Headquarters Voido, a real architectural piece in the garden. Paola Lenti’s textile pieces, the table Gargentua by Dink Wynants which allows the height of the benches to be adjusted according to three variable heights… .We are selective in the choice of products and the choice is really important! To discover Sabz’s furniture, click on next. SABZ 10 Cité d’Angoulême 75011 Paris 01 40 21 30 05 From Wednesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday and Tuesday by appointment.

Design pose – Let’s live outside

Design pose – sabz

MT1- Ron Arad

Plastic and polyethylene seat. Available in 6 colors. € 593

Design pose – Let’s live outside

Outdoor dining


Self-service- Holbaeh & Jensen

Metal and blown glass feeder. Rubber top and stainless steel foot. Height 150cm 135 €

Outdoor dining

Water wall

water wall

Natallea- Olivier Barcus

Water wall in metal and stainless steel. Diensions: Height 115, width 60, depth 15 cm. € 2,989

Water wall

Zen interior – Let’s live outside

Zen interior – sabz

A space of 200 m2 welcomes visitors. This workshop was built on subdivided land, from the 18th century, by the Duke of Angoulême.

Zen interior – Let’s live outside

Sun color – Let’s live outside

Sun color – sabz

The exterior is designed as a living room with touches of color and a significant presence of bright rooms.

Sun color – Let’s live outside

Siesta atmosphere – Let’s live outside

Siesta atmosphere – sabz

Imagine yourself nestled in this seat at the end of a shaded courtyard …

Siesta atmosphere – Let’s live outside

Chic even outside!


Voido- Ron Arad

Plastic and polyethylene rocking chair. exists in two colors. Dimensions: H. 78.4X W.60.1X L114.8cm € 447.50

Chic even outside!

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