Captain Jardin: the helping hand

Captain Jardin: the helping hand

Faithful to the spirit of the collection which made the success of “Captain Web” and “Captain déco”, its two elders, the consumer editions are launching “Captain Jardin”: the first reference guide on the essentials and new trends… More than a gardening manual, better than a garden book.

Whether small or large, infinite space or micro terrace, whatever its size, the current garden is a bubble of pleasure, the anti-stress refuge of our hectic lives, and often the “5th room” of the house. For all enthusiasts who number in the millions, from green souls to expert hands and those who are curious by nature, “Captain Jardin” offers a wide-angle view of this new territory of exaltation in which each well of greenery has the value of ‘a real luxury and where everyone now cultivates the most precious of dreams: the luxury of the real. Forgotten the clichés of the laborious garden, the abundant content of “Captain Jardin” finally gives its true place to the most natural of contemporary passions.

To each his own Eden

While strolling in the alleys of its 704 abundantly illustrated pages, the reader will discover how “to feel good in his garden”. As an introduction, psycho tests and astro-garden portraits will be all ways to access his personal universe, his secret garden. “Captain Jardin” is especially teeming with recommendations for simply achieving success: “the right tree in the right place”, “heat and light: each plant has its needs” or even “a well-equipped garden” … A veritable mine of easy advice to “take caring for nature ”with the essential gestures for its green space, how to“ garden naturally ”with organic gestures, a month-by-month“ anti-stress calendar ”embellished, among other things, with a small seasonal recipe. Thus, everyone will discover how to garden to the essentials with a maximum of effects for a minimum of constraints.

To each his own “life-style”

But “Captain Jardin” is also a practical guide that does not renounce aesthetics. All the fashion trends of the garden are staged: Zen, eco-friendly, bobo, romantic, exotic, avant-garde…. From the very colorful oriental universe to the very zen one of Feng Shui, not to mention the children’s play corner, the outdoor part is treated as a backdrop. The guide offers an ultra-wide choice of lighting for nighttime atmospheres, sun loungers, hammocks, swings… to laze around on the green, but also barbecues, verandas… or the swimming pool of our dreams. The visions offered are innovative, a guaranteed source of inspiration. The garden has never been so trendy! This summer “follow the guide! ” Thatptain Jardin- the art of living in the garden, collective work, Editions du Consommateur, distributed by Gallimard. € 22.70

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