“The bathroom is a room that you decorate”, D. Rozensztroch

"The bathroom is a room that you decorate", D. Rozensztroch

Daniel Rozensztroch © Ideo bain

Stylist consultant, Daniel Rozensztroch knows the world of the bathroom well. In particular, he advises the Idéo Bain salon in defining the great styles in vogue. Update with him on the evolution of this new living room …

Maison à part: How has the bathroom evolved?
Daniel Rozensztroch: The bathroom has evolved a lot in recent years to become a real living room. It is increasingly linked to the notion of hedonism: we spend more time there. It has become an extension of the bedroom. People want bigger and bigger bathrooms. When planning an apartment, you don’t hesitate to decide to dedicate a room for a large bathroom. It has become a room that we decorate. We choose a bathtub like a sofa, with the signatures of great designers.

MAP: What are the trends in terms of products?
DR: The washbasin has become a must. Everyone has their own washbasins in all materials. The shower has also changed a lot. We sacrifice the bathtub to install giant showers, Italian style. There is a lot of ambiguity in the relationship with water. At a time when we talk about ecology, many tap manufacturers have installed technical systems to use as little water as possible. And at the same time, we see the appearance of waterfall taps. Despite everything, still in our countries, it is still this notion of pleasure that comes before everything.

MAP: What are the different styles of bathrooms today?
DR: We can define two very clear axes. On the one hand, there is the very design, with the signatures of great designers, large sinks … And on the other, it is the nostalgic trend, with a look at the very beautiful sanitary ware and faucets of yesteryear. It is the nostalgia for the bathrooms of our childhood with a tap that returns in the form of very beautiful elements. But all this does not mean that these bathrooms are fitted out in total look. The trend is to mix styles. More general behaviors, such as in fashion, have entered the rooms of the house. After that, everything depends on the way in which you set up your bathroom, whether it is a global project or a customization, with new materials, new colors, which brings more originality.

MAP: What are your tips for arranging your bathroom properly?
DR: There are two things to consider: the style and the technical aspect. Regarding the style, it is something very personal. We are in a period of individualism and self-expression. You have to compose your own bathroom according to your needs, your desires, your lifestyle. Lots of people have busy lives, so the shower has become more and more important. You have to know yourself well, understand your needs, have fun and want to be well. Regarding the technical aspect, it is necessary to call on professionals. The bathroom is an area that must function, with good water pressure, efficient thermostatic systems. We must therefore avoid the odds and ends.

MAP: How to redecorate your bathroom without breaking the bank?
DR: I think color is very important. Changing color allows you to change the spirit, the atmosphere. We can thus give tone, formatting… This can also be done by oneself, with practical paints, satin or lacquered. This is the most economical implementation. Another way is accessorization, like with mirrored walls, objects that come to wake up here and there. You can find a multitude of very interesting accessories at affordable prices, such as shelves, towel racks, especially at Ikea or Monoprix which have things at low prices and very nice. What costs the most are the sanitary ware, everything related to the layout.

MAP: What do you think would be the ideal bathroom?
DR: When you have space and light, you are very spoiled. For me, the ideal bathroom is to have a large bathtub with whirlpool possibilities as well as a real large independent shower, with a large shower head to have the water flowing in a comfortable way. I like the bathrooms that mix styles, both very tonic and high-tech, and at the same time the charm with an old-fashioned sink, a beautiful English tap, and the possibility of integrating objects found here and there.

“The bathroom is a room that you decorate”, D. Rozensztroch

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