7 ideas for an original Candlemas

7 ideas for an original Candlemas

Candlemas is celebrated 40 days after Christmas, namely February 2. It is also on this day that the Christmas crib should be traditionally stored. As regards more specifically the pancakes, they symbolize the sun thanks to their round shape and their brilliant color, as well as the end of winter (at least, we cross our fingers).

Everyone will eat them in their own way: individually, as a cake, large or small, sweet or savory, or all at the same time during a pancake party for gourmets! This year, let’s go out of the ordinary and organize an extraordinary Candlemas thanks to these 7 ideas:

1) a pancake cake

Bake a large pancake cake with the flavors of tiramisu, lemon pie or just chocolate cake.

2) a pancake bar

Concoct in a corner of your living room a pancake bar with your choice of fillings (spread, jam, honey, etc.) and small toppings to make them even more delicious (small marshmallows, chocolate sprinkles, etc.). Leave it available for the whole day, or just to taste it. Everyone will be able to compose their own favorite pancake !

3) pop pancakes

Cut your pancakes into strips, garnish them and roll them up, then prick them on a large toothpick. So you will feel like you’ve eaten it a lot !

4) prepare a pancake party

For a convivial meal for Candlemas, take out the pancake maker and the savory garnish first: cheese, cold meats, small vegetables… In short, everything to make a good complete meal around pancakes!

5) Rainbow pancakes

For colorful plates and amaze the eyes of your children, make pancakes in the colors of the rainbow.

6) Sauté the pancakes and give a pledge

For a bit of fun, take turns sautéing the pancakes. Tradition has it that a piece is held in the left hand and the pancake is sautéed with the right hand in order to obtain a lot of prosperity for the coming year. For the one who will drop the pancake next door, prepare a bowl full of tokens!

Credit: Paperkites / istock

7) wrap your pancakes in a cone

To prevent the filling from running and for a wow effect, place your pancake in a paper cone!

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