The Bord’eaux House

The Bord'eaux House

Charming house or guest house? It is around this duo of questions that Brigitte and Jean-Marc have designed the Maison Bord’eaux. Luxury, calm and tranquility to treat yourself to a weekend and an elegant getaway …

Imagine a guest room designed above all as a house where we receive and where we share. A relaxing atmosphere in the heart of a city that has continued to renew itself in recent years. “At the start, I wanted to create a place such as I would like to find it when I travel, and which is also in the image of the city of Bordeaux, 18th century, particular light, surprising behind the facade … J ‘ve delimited a geographical area so that the city center is close and easy access to key points ”explains Brigitte. The guideline is simple: create a place where travelers immediately feel at ease and which respects, in its renovation, the soul of the place.

Colors and feel

To restore fluidity to the house, “we started to simply walk around the building. The space choices were guided by light and traffic. »No architect« I made the aesthetic choices, worked on the plans and my husband helped me manage the site. »Six rooms, plus common areas to think about in a lively and open way. A decoration tone always right with an art of simple detail. The common areas invite the traveler to land in a universe to which he is close. “I deliberately left the wall decoration for public places, living room, dining room and corridors so as not to disturb the visual atmosphere of the bedroom. When you enter this house, you feel in familiar territory. “We needed a home welcome. So I kept the beautiful old materials (floors and tiling.) The hall, bluish gray, has retained a pair of stucco columns and the oak floor. You are greeted there, near the 1930 round table. ”From there, we catch a view of the kitchen,“ treated in a contemporary way, with a stainless steel island and granny smith walls. The floor is in point Hungarian oak and the Napoleon III fireplace in white marble. To underline the strong bond between the region and its owners, Brigitte has installed a wine bar. “While doing the work, we found an old tile floor and treated the walls in red ocher, to remind us of wine and because it is more of an evening room. “And if you fancy a peaceful afternoon, head to the library which is” in the stable! This place of relaxation invites even more rest thanks to the colors used, with lime green in priority. “As for the restaurant, which is both warm and accessible, its installation was complicated:” The walls being covered in travertine, this room was very, very sound! We had to find a soundproofing product that sticks to the walls. I also wanted lots of storage, there is a full wall of very discreet cupboards. “Last detail to regulate the room,” we had to create a modular place, where we could make a large table for 25 or a small intimate table, or several tables … ”

Rendezvous with Morphée

Imagine six rooms, six cocoons and as many different and unique atmospheres. “Quickly, you have to be able to invest aesthetically and physically, this place. Let everything be or become obvious, ”says Brigitte. Space being essential, we respected the heights under the ceilings even if there is little space for storage. Each has its own decorative touch. Clarisse, a bedroom that is both discreet and modern owes its tone “to the stone walls that we have preserved by fixing them, so that it does not fall apart. It is a bedroom on the ground floor, the only opening of which is the large glass door to the garden. It has a “cave” side. I deliberately chose a rather dark red. I believe that it is better not to upset the data of a part, instead of struggling, assimilate! »Jean is a simple room, stripped down but inhabited. “This room, the smallest, was the most difficult to set up, the space being limited by the stairwell on one side and the window hanger on the other. We had to manage the space around the bed (all the beds are 180 wide), fit the desk and have a sufficiently spacious bathroom. »Apolline, space crush, delights the eyes. “We had a problem here: the ceiling was very low. By demolishing it, we found the beams, and made the necessary to insulate as close as possible to the roof and keep the full height of the room. There are 6 windows in this bedroom, which overlook both sides of the bedroom. »Art of detail, decorative choices claimed, space treated while respecting the place, we quickly let ourselves be overwhelmed by the sensuality of the place … Between rest, culture and visual exhilaration, Maison Bord’eaux is a time of pause that we wants to deserve! To discover the other bedrooms and the different rooms of the house, click on next …

La Maison Bord’eaux 113 rue du Docteur Albert Barraud 33 000 Bordeaux Tel: 05 56 44 00 45

The staircase – La Maison Bord’eaux

bord’eaux house staircase © Richard Cerf

Vertiginous, it invites you to an almost theatrical walk in the house.

The staircase – La Maison Bord’eaux

The restaurant – La Maison Bord’eaux

bord’eaux house restaurant © Richard Cerf

Intimate or convivial depending on the evening, this piece knows how to play on its modular side.

The restaurant – La Maison Bord’eaux

An intimate atmosphere

bord’eaux house bar © Richard Cerf

For a drink, the bar is adorned with its finery, in the colors of Bordeaux of course!

An intimate atmosphere

Apolline room – La Maison Bord’eaux

bord’eaux house apolline bedroom © Richard Cerf

By demolishing the old ceiling, very low, the owners discovered beams. New roof insulation makes it possible to benefit from a high ceiling height.

Apolline room – La Maison Bord’eaux

Célia room – La Maison Bord’eaux

bord’eau house small bedroom © Richard Cerf

Soothing green, you can feel the proximity of the garden …

Célia room – La Maison Bord’eaux

Jean room – La Maison Bord’eaux

Bordeaux house red room © Richard Cerf

The smallest room in the house treated with care in order to still enjoy maximum space.

Jean room – La Maison Bord’eaux

Diegue room – La Maison Bord’eaux

Bord’eaux house green room © Richard Cerf

What directed the atmosphere of this room is the sky since the whole room is glazed and opens onto a terrace with blue plaster walls.

Diegue room – La Maison Bord’eaux

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