what changes on July 1, 2021

what changes on July 1, 2021

MaPrimeRénov ‘, end of 1 euro offers: what will change on July 1, 2021 © iStock

This July 1, 2021 marks two important changes concerning emblematic energy renovation devices: the opening of MaPrimeRénov ‘to owner-lessors, but also the end of so-called “1 euro” offers.

This July 1, 2021 is a more than symbolic date for the world of energy renovation: it marks in particular the end of many “1 euro” offers, which have caused much ink to flow since their launch in 2020. Thus, as of this day, the bonuses making it possible to cover, for precarious households, the entire cost of insulation operations for attics and low floors , gas boilers and old electric convectors are being phased out, as the state announced several weeks ago. This type of offer, accused of leading too many frauds and windfall effects, has therefore had its day – it should be noted, however, that significant bonuses are maintained for devices using renewable energies, such as heat pumps, but without making it possible to cover 100% of the cost of operations.

The insulation boost maintained for one more year, but in degraded mode

With regard to the insulation boost, the public authorities have decided not to stop the aid too abruptly. Thus, it is maintained until July 2022, but under much less attractive financial conditions (the remainder at “1 euro” charge is no longer achievable). What is the timetable for operations launched before July 1, 2021? For boilers and insulation, the work must be completed by September 30, as recalled in a press release from the delegatee in EEC Hellio. “Operations initiated no later than February 8, 2021 may end no later than February 8, 2022”, can we also read there – this exemption making it possible not to block operations launched a certain time ago, and requiring a long time to be completed, in particular with social landlords.

MaPrimeRénov ‘accessible to landlord owners

Another important development on July 1, the opening of the MaPrimeRénov ‘system to landlords, which, even if it is presented by the public authorities as part of the France relaunch plan, had been announced as soon as the aid was launched in January 2020. It is another brick which should make it possible to accelerate the renovation of the building stock. As the National Housing Agency (Anah) reminds us in a press release released today, this opening of the device is retroactive since it concerns eligible work carried out since October 1, 2020. The public authorities plan to initiate 50,000 renovations of this type in 2021 (out of the 800,000 premiums expected in total). Landlord owners can therefore, as of July 1, submit their application for assistance on the official website of the device. “They can benefit from MaPrimeRénov ‘for renovate up to three rental units whether in a single house or on the private parts of an apartment “, specifies the Anah. However, one condition exists: that of “engage yourself to rent the renovated accommodation for a minimum period of 5 years and, in the event of a reassessment of the rent, deduct the aid they received from the amount of the work justifying the reassessment “.

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