New life for this old business, transformed into a family home

New life for this old business, transformed into a family home

An old business transformed into a cozy family home © Agence CAD

The places, atypical, required very heavy work in order to make it a warm family home. This former butcher’s shop has nevertheless been skillfully transformed and offers an original living space. Visit in pictures.

The building had already had several lifetimes, and transforming it into a family home requiredmajor rehabilitation works. This old butcher’s shop was articulated between the shop on the street side, the house located above, as well as the workshop and refrigerators located in the backyard. Bought by an electrician a few decades later, the business was then transformed into offices. It was therefore necessary to show a little imagination to see it as the ideal cocoon in which to settle with your family. However, the place has won over both its new owners and the architect to whom they have entrusted their renovation project. “It was a heavy rehabilitation operation, with a change of use and an intervention on the structure of the building” says Serge Eloire, from the CAD (Concept Architecture Design) agency. “But we can also see this type of project as a means of breathe new life into things that no longer have it. It is also a form of creation from an existing one “. The space has therefore been completely redesigned to make it a welcoming and comfortable family home. The main building was initially linked to the old workshops located in the courtyard. New living rooms were thus fitted out, while the existing part was renovated to accommodate the bedrooms. In order to optimize the smallest square meter available, the architect also invested the cellars and attics. “The plot is very narrow, only 5 meters wide. We therefore created like a triplex, the house is organized on different levels, linked together by stairs” he explains. Another challenge was to arrive at bring in as much natural light as possible inside to illuminate every space. Zoom in images on a surprising transformation.

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