5 creative activity ideas to keep busy at home

5 creative activity ideas to keep busy at home

It’s the weekend and you want to unleash your creativity and that of your family by trying a new activity? So here are five creative ideas:

1) Decorate your flower pots

You want a pot in your image, namely unique? So get yourself some paint acrylic or vinyl to cover your pot. Prep it, clean it and dry it well before you start painting it. Also, don’t forget to varnish your pot to fix the paint. Be careful, if you paint your pots to put them outside, opt for a special varnish! You can of course opt for the decopatch. Find the description in idea number 4.

Credit: Wholepics / Pinterest

2) Beautiful paintings thanks to the diamond border

Diamond embroidery
Credits: Diamond Embroidery France

Diamond embroidery, or diamond painting, is a mix between traditional cross stitch and mosaic. It is about placing small rhinestones using pliers on a glued canvas. The latter is printed with an image made up of pixels that you have chosen upstream on the site. Each pixel should be replaced by a diamond. This is an ideal activity for channel energy of your children (or yours). It requires concentration and will improve coordination. Then it’s up to you to frame your pretty canvas to hang it or give it away!

3) get started with number painting

You don’t need to be a great artist to practice this type of painting, which guides you in the choice of colors thanks to the numbers on the canvas. A number corresponds to a color and it is therefore impossible to choose the wrong one.

In addition, if you want to change colors or choose your own style, it is quite possible. The advantage is the lines already drawn. So all you have to do is pick up your brush, follow the lines and relax! Choose your landscape, your favorite animal, or even your favorite work of art and let yourself be carried away.

Credit: Lidl / Pinterest

4) Forward to the decopatch

Credits: / Pinterest

The decopatch is an art where reflection is not obligatory. Let yourself be carried away by your instinct tearing the decopatch paper then by pasting it where you want it on your support. There are hundreds of different shapes to decorate. You can find animals, papier-mâché boxes or just wooden supports. You can even customize objects in your home, such as your coffee table, a wooden chair, an old piece of furniture, terracotta pots, etc. Finish with a touch of matt, shiny or even glitter varnish!

5) Pyrography

Credit: woodtattoo / Flickr / pinterest

Pyrography consists of drawing a pattern on an object by burning its surface. It’s a art which allows multiple achievements. To practice it, you will only need a pyrograph pen and a wooden object. It allows you to personalize your support by engraving patterns, your initials or any other creation. Thanks to the different existing tips, you will be able to let your overflowing imagination speak.

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