7 ideas for creating extra sleeping space without taking up too much space

7 ideas for creating extra sleeping space without taking up too much space

You like to entertain people in your home, but you think you don’t have room to keep your guests sleeping. You don’t have a second bedroom, and you don’t want your guests to fit into your own because you value your privacy, and so do they.

Thanks to the extra sleeping solutions that we will see below, you will be able to keep your guests sleeping comfortably at a lower cost:

1) The convertible sofa:

The convertible sofa is certainly the most used solution to compensate for the absence of the guest room. He is able to transform into large comfortable bed in the blink of an eye. Just like a bed, you will have a box spring, and a mattress (more or less thick depending on the sofa chosen). You won’t see the difference between a standard sofa and a convertible sofa. Their seat is just as comfortable. In addition, it is a piece of furniture with double use; you need a sofa anyway, so opting for a sofa bed will probably save you money.

You have the choice between different models, different sizes, and most importantly, different prices. Be careful with the thickness of the mattress if you receive regularly.

Convertible sofa
Credits: House of the world

2) The Clic-clac or BZ

Just like the convertible sofa, the sofa bed or the BZ allies comfort and practicality. You have two pieces of furniture in one; a bed for the night, a sofa for the day. When they are unfolded, you find a bed for two people.

The sofa bed is often requested for teenage bedrooms, so that they have space during the day, to receive their friends without worries for example, and that they can have a large bed at night.

The sofa bed unfolds in the direction of the width, unlike the BZ which unfolds in the direction of the length. It’s up to you to decide, depending on your space, which one will be the most practical for you.


3) The fireside

The low chair is an ideal additional bedding for small budgets, and above all, if you rarely receive your guests to sleep because this bed is not really comfortable to spend several nights on. Do not suggest to your guests with back worries to sleep on your fireside chair! This is a foldable foam armchair, which will serve as a sitting place during the day.

Fireside chair
Credit: amazon

4) the extra mattress

They may make you think of the fireside chair, but the big difference is the thickness of the mattress, and suddenly, their comfort. You will find different styles of good extra mattresses, the majority of them being foldable and therefore practical to be stored under your bed, in a walk-in closet or even under your sofa.

In addition, you will not need a box spring, as these mattresses can be placed on the floor for a optimal comfort. Your guests will be so delighted with their night that they will certainly come back more often!

Extra mattress
Credit: Amazon

5) Mattress or inflatable bed

Mattresses and inflatable beds can be additional beds that do not take up space; Deflated, in their box, they will go unnoticed in the closet and above all, they are easy to transport. On the other hand, once inflated thanks to the inflator (electric if you are lucky) you must be able to place the mattress somewhere in a room. Quite comfortable in general thanks to their firmness and their thickness reaching a minimum of 20cm, like a mattress on a traditional bed. Be careful if you are a light sleeper, some of them can make noise if you move at night!

Inflatable Mattress
Credit: Gifi

6) the trundle bed

Seemingly a single bed, this one hides another bed hidden in the drawer below. Some pull-out beds have retractable legs, which allows you to raise the second bed to the height of the first. In addition to sleeping for the night, this trundle bed can be transformed into a bench during the day. Embellished with small cushions, it will be comfortable to receive a few guests during the day. This solution is perfect for a child who wants to accommodate a boyfriend or girlfriend to sleep, or for a student room!

Truckle bed
Credit: Auchan

7) the futon

The futon is traditionally used by Japanese. It is made up of several layers of carded cottons, refined, and needled, to have an ultra comfortable mattress. Often placed on the ground, or on a bed base without slats, it can be used daily. The Japanese themselves, not having much room in their accommodation either, unfold their futon in the evening, and roll it up for the day in the closet (of course everything depends on the thickness of the futon). It is a very flexible mattress, and yet ideal for your guests because it adapts to the morphology of each of them that will sleep on it.

Credit: dormilaine

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