they saved space by transforming their living room

they saved space by transforming their living room

To save space in your living room, several tips are easy to apply. We sometimes think that the less furniture there is, the more space there will be! The problem with this reasoning, however, is that you won’t know where to put your stuff. The living room is the central room of the house, where you want to feel good. For this, you need a space that is not cluttered! Whatever the surface of it, there are several tips for breathing again. Check out these few before / after that will surely help you.

1) No big furniture

Antique furniture takes up a lot of space both physically and visually. They occupy a lot of space because of their size, an effect that a dark brown color only amplifies. So opt for light, thin and ideally low furniture. Choosing furniture that is not too tall will free up your field of vision. Also choose to place them at an angle and not directly at the entrance. If you don’t want to get rid of your family furniture, opt for the rental of a storage unit! So they will never be far from you.

2) No furniture in front of the openings

If you are lucky enough to have rooms in a row and separated by pretty vaults, do not break this opening with furniture. You would prevent the air (and yourself!) From circulating freely.

3) Furniture suitable for storage

Are children’s toys invading your living room? So buy some storage furniture and a small table dedicated to their activities so that they can flourish and then learn to tidy up in the process. Your living room will be like new!

4) We occupy the space and free the walls

It is often thought that gluing furniture and the sofa against the wall will free up space. In fact, breaking away from this misconception and thinking differently about its location could allow you to move around the room better. You can experiment with different layouts to find the best one for your room size and configuration.

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