the necessary equipment to start well!

the necessary equipment to start well!

The Bullet Journal, also called “bujo”, is an agenda that you will be able to create from A to Z from a blank notebook that you have chosen beforehand. You will be able to let your creativity speak and organize your pages as you wish. The goal is to have all of your thoughts, dates, books to read, memories, goals to achieve, etc. registered on this journal. To start this Bullet Journal, you are going to need:

1) A notebook

You can buy a notebook in any size you want, although your planner is usually A5 or even A6 in size.

Regarding the pages, several possibilities are available to you: blank pages, lined pages and pages with peas. In general, polka dot pages are useful for creating tables and drawing straight lines.

2) pens with different tips

To create and decorate your diary or to write the dates for example, choose a black pen. Depending on the style you like, take a thicker or thinner pen. You can also opt for felt-tip pens to do calligraphy!

3) Markers and / or colored pencils

Put some color in your diary! Create color codes, like a month = a color. You can highlight your titles, dates, etc.

4) Stickers

Take stickers to decorate your diary. They can represent something specific, relate to the activity you have done or your mood for the day, or just be purely decorative.

5) tampons

Stamps are great if you don’t necessarily like creating pretty titles or if you don’t know how to draw. Choose for example the date stamp for your days / dates or patterned stamps to decorate your bujo.

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