7 inspirations not to be missed

Arche en bois jardin.

If you want to decorate your garden in a fairytale way, there will be nothing better than using a wooden archway. Not only will this help make it magical, but it will also allow you to create the perfect support for your climbing plants. Let’s discover together some inspirations not to be missed to revolutionize the look of your garden.

Wooden arches are perfect for making your garden truly magical. Who wouldn’t want to walk through a beautiful tunnel covered in fragrant and colorful flowers? If you are one of the people who would love to have such an element in your garden, here are some inspirations.

The wooden arch is great for supporting climbing plants, giving your outdoor space a truly romantic look. Read on and get inspired.

We have put together 7 inspiring ideas for you to make your garden a truly magical place.

A beautiful wooden arch for an enchanting garden: 7 inspirations not to be missed

Placed at the entrance of your house, this wooden garden arch will give you the best welcome at home. Even if you decide to leave it in its natural color, our advice is to protect it with a coat of clear varnish.

Thus, it will last longer in time, without fear that it will be damaged by the rains.

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One of the advantages is that in most cases it is a free-standing structure. This means you can place it anywhere in your garden and move it around whenever you want.

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Since it is made of wood, you can easily decide to change the color. If you prefer something less rustic and more elegant, why not paint it with white paint? This will give you a room with a really sophisticated and classy look.

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By crossing such a flowery tunnel, you will have the impression of crossing the threshold of a magical place. It will not be necessary to have an exterior of excessively large dimensions, really anyone can install it in their garden.

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Wooden garden arches with small gate

Another idea is to use them also to demarcate the garden in different zones. For example, you can decide to place one near a staircase by adding a small door to create a truly romantic passage.

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In addition to being able to make your garden truly magical, the arch is the ideal support for climbing plants. Pick the one you like best, such as scented roses, and have fun shaping it however you like.

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An element like this will make any garden enchanting. Every time you walk through it, you will be captivated by the color of the flowers and their irresistible scent.

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We have come to the end of our 7 suggestions for your garden. We hope you enjoy them as well and decide to use arches to make your exterior romantic. Choose the structure you prefer, leave it natural or paint it white, and you will have a garden with a unique look.

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