Spotlights in the kitchen – Sharing personal experience

Spotlights in the kitchen - Sharing personal experience

Today, spotlights are very often used in the kitchen, which can either complement the central chandelier or replace it. So what points should you pay attention to when choosing such lighting devices for yourself?

Advantages and disadvantages

Main advantage – creation of soft, uniform and diffused lighting, while one central chandelier visually conceals the space, creating shaded areas.

The indisputable advantage is the economy of such devices. Make the electrical wiring so that you can separately turn on the lamps located in the dining and working areas.

Additional savings will appear if you opt for LED (LED) lamps.

If there is a need to visually expand the surrounding space or make the ceilings higher, pay attention to the turning spots, which allow directing light to a specific area.

They can also be used for space zoning. An effective solution can be obtained if colored bulbs are built into them. Thanks to this, it will be possible to advantageously place accents and divide the zones.

But there are a couple of points.

Along with significant advantages, there are also minor disadvantages, in particular:

  • more complex installation in comparison with the installation of a central chandelier;
  • the need to think over the placement of lighting devices at the stage of repair;
  • not compatible with all interior styles.

The last aspect can hardly be called a disadvantage, because today a huge variety of devices are on sale that can organically fit into any design, both classic and modern.

Varieties and features of application

By the method of installation, the devices are divided into overhead, mortise and suspended.

Recessed models can be installed on tension, suspended and rack structures, while overhead models can even be installed on concrete ceilings.

For fastening, a special plate for screws is used.

The most popular models are built-in ones. They amaze the imagination with a variety of colors and designs, shapes and sizes.

Recessed lamps can be completely “recessed” in the ceiling, or they can protrude somewhat above the surface, creating an original play of light.

Spot devices are used as the main, decorative or local lighting, but note that each such device is designed to illuminate about 2 square meters of area.

Modern spots are characterized by complete fire safety and moisture resistance, so they can be combined with any finish and placed in rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen.

Tip: When installing spotlights in the kitchen, install an additional rheostat, which allows you to more economically use the electricity consumed.

Spots of simpler shapes are easier to wipe off grease and dust deposits. And lastly, if you are looking for appliances for stretch ceilings, then give preference to models with rounded edges.

Basic placement rules

If you plan to use spotlights as the main lighting, then they should be placed at a distance of not 30-40 cm from each other, maintaining a 20-cm indent from the wall.

Device power per 1 sq.m. – about 20 watts. Combining with a central chandelier will reduce the number of appliances or their power.

The correct location of the lamps will transform the surrounding space.

A small or narrow room will transform if you place them around the perimeter or along two walls, which will evenly distribute the light fluxes, filling the room with soft light without islands of shadows.

If we are talking about spacious kitchens, the primary task is to adequately illuminate all functional areas (above the dining table, around the perimeter, above the workplace).

A universal option is the location of the central chandelier above the dining area, but the spots are placed along its perimeter and in the cooking area.

Spotlights are one of the most affordable ways of zoning a room, because they can be used to emphasize each functional area favorably, which is especially important for studio apartments.

Spot lighting devices are the ideal solution for two-level ceilings. With their help, you can select either one level or several.

And the last thing.

With their help, the working area will be illuminated in the best possible way: beautifully, economically and practically!

Using this information, you can create optimal lighting in your kitchen, emphasizing the exclusivity and originality of the interior.

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