how to build an above ground swimming pool with 12 pallets (video tutorial)

Piscine DIY avec des palettes.

With crafts and pallets, you can build a beautiful above ground swimming pool to make your garden even more beautiful and liveable, especially during the summer. No need to spend a lot of money and undertake dizzying installations, when you can use wood from pallets, salvaged wherever you can. The “DIY” pool is beautiful, functional, economical and everyone agrees.

A beautiful do-it-yourself above-ground pool is just what you need in your backyard when the weather allows you to spend days outdoors. To build one with pallets, you must first choose a level ground and the area where it will be installed must be large enough to contain the structure. It is better to build a circular swimming pool, because thanks to this shape the forces are distributed more evenly.

At this point, it is necessary to determine how many paddles are needed to create the circumference of the pool. Obviously, you must first lay a mat of rot-proof material on the floor, then position the pallets to form the circumference. By assembling the pallets using hinges, the DIY pool gradually comes to life.

DIY swimming pool: how to build an above-ground swimming pool with 12 pallets

DIY pool with pallets.

Building a DIY swimming pool with twelve pallets is quick and easy. First of all, you need 130 × 110 cm pallets, which you can find everywhere, even in an industrial area. Then take 18 square meter 3mm plywood. You will also need screws, nails, iron brackets, steel cables and tie rods, whatever you need to tighten the paddles around the perimeter of the pool. Then you will need to get some boards and everything you need to finish the edge of the pool.

Buy two-color co-extruded polyethylene sheet, plastic pipes, drains, and all kinds of fittings. You will also need an impregnator and flatterer, a chlorine filter pump, and other accessories to sanitize the water.

To start, choose the circumference of the pool, then place a mat made of rot-resistant synthetic material on the floor. Then you start to arrange the pallets to form a circle. Metal poles are then inserted into each pallet, which should be planted at least 25 cm into the ground to stem the forces of the water. The pallets are then secured together with hinges and screws.

The wood of the pallets must be treated with a flattering against humidity and water; then a liner must be installed to guarantee the impermeability of the pool, perhaps one of those pre-welded in bags, or a membrane in rolls to be welded. Once the liner is in place, pour water to crush it to the bottom of the pool. The latter must also have a filtration system, with a “cartridge” filter if the pool is small, or a “sand” filter if it is large; the “sand” filter recycles the water in 4 to 5 hours.

The exterior of the pool DIYed with pallets can be finished with plywood panels, making holes for the pipes of the filtration system. Finally, you will need a ladder to access the structure. You will also need chemical kits to clean the water manually. Your DIY pool is ready to delight adults and children.

Video tutorial: build a DIY swimming pool with pallets

It is not difficult to build a DIY swimming pool from pallets, provided you have the right tools and equipment. Pallets, screws, nails, iron poles, waterproof sheets and the structure can be built in a few simple steps.

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