8 material ideas to create your baby’s mobile

8 material ideas to create your baby's mobile

Your baby is arriving and you want to create a nice mobile to awaken his sight and his hearing (if the latter includes a musical box)? So, know that several solutions are available to you. You can buy it ready-made or create it yourself, which will allow your child to have a unique mobile!

If you are still unsure of which material to choose, here are some inspirations:

1) The paper mobile

This mobile can be created at lower cost. Indeed, you only need paper, string and a support to create it. Whether your paper is plain or patterned, it will inevitably have a small effect. You just have to decide what shape to give to the paper: simple circles, in origami, in the shape of a whale, a hot air balloon… let your creativity run free!

2) The fabric mobile

If you like to sew, then you can create pretty shapes which will then be padded. If you are not at all a fan of sewing, you can simply take pieces of fabric in which you will cut circles or any other shape. You will thus have a colorful mobile!

3) A seashell mobile

We have all brought back seashells remembering our vacation at the ocean or the sea, without really knowing what to do with it next. Now you know ! A little draft and you will hear the soft sounds of seashells meeting.

4) A crochet mobile

If you don’t know how to crochet, don’t panic! There is bound to be a loved one’s grandmother, or even yours, who will meet your expectations. They are strong our grannies!

5) A natural mobile

This is the opportunity to go for a walk in the forest! Collect some pieces of wood, cones, pretty leaves, and voila.

6) Mobile with feathers

For a little more softness and reverie, do not hesitate to hang feathers! This mobile will bring lightness to your little one’s room.

7) Mobile with pompoms

If you are looking for an atmosphere cocooning, make some pompoms and use them to make your mobile. Nothing easier !

8) Wooden mobile

If you are looking for a mobile warm which does not deteriorate over time, opt for the wooden mobile! You can buy the ready-made shapes or you can call on a craftsman to tell him your expectations.

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