5 examples of cozy and intimate outdoor spaces

tête de lit en bois cocooning

Whether you live in the city or in the countryside, having a terrace is ideal for enjoying your outdoors with friends, family or even alone. It is a space that it is also possible to enhance with decoration to make it very cozy. To do this, we can add plants, small pieces of furniture, rugs, throws, lights… in order to really get away from it all for a few hours. To make this space even more intimate, it is however necessary to cut the vis-à-vis, and for this, the installation of screens, plants, shade sails or canisses is essential. Check out 5 examples below to inspire you:

1) A terrace sheltered by a tree

Large armchairs under the shelter of a tree that acts as a roof, small hanging lights and posed, greenery, cushions, and a large sofa… everything is there to have a good time and welcome all your loved ones.

2) A colorful terrace

Add little touches colorful to create a terrace cozy ! To make this place even warmer, you can also install trendy sun loungers for optimal comfort, as well as lanterns, a mirror, plants, baskets and small garlands.

3) A cozy bohemian terrace

Wooden screens, an egg chair, a rug, sofas, greenery, a parasol, light garlands, plaids … Everything is brought together to create a intimate place and cozy out of sight to spend a warm moment with loved ones.

4) An intimate space with Japanese tunes

The bamboo and small bonsai trees not only help to give this terrace a Japanese air, but also allow the walls to be tucked in to create an intimate space by hiding it from other people than by a stone wall. Ottomans, sofas and wooden floors further enhance the warm and comfortable atmosphere.

5) A cozy pallet terrace

Installing a pergola makes it easier to create a pleasant atmosphere. Indeed, you can hang lights, garlands, foliage or even a stretched colored fabric! Here, you will still find a carpet, plants and some accessories that will make this terrace cozy.

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