12 great ideas for using them!

12 great ideas for using them!

It’s winter, the temperatures are freezing and you have taken out your balls of yarn to knit a beautiful scarf, a sweater or even a large plaid. It must be said that wool is a safe bet and we love its softness as well as this handmade aspect. And if you still have a lot of it left after knitting, don’t panic, because there are several solutions available to you!

1) Create a mobile with pompoms

Your child can only be delighted to welcome a pom pom mobile in his room. In addition, this mobile creates a calming atmosphere.

2) Create a garland of pom-pom cupcakes

Here is a little idea for gourmets. To create this garland, you will only need cupcake boxes, pom poms and voila! You don’t have to create a garland, however, a cupcake on the table will also look great.

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3) Decorate your keyring

If you are looking for an idea to put a touch of color in the middle of your keys or on your too dark handbag, here is the ideal solution! Embellished with small pearls, this key ring will have a little effect.

4) make a nice feather

A pretty feather to put on your furniture or to hang. We love !

5) hide your ears

Very trendy, an earmuff is ideal on very cold days. It will obviously require less wool than a classic hat, but you will have warm ears!

6) Give a cloud for a soft atmosphere

This pompom cloud will be ideal in a child’s room. In addition to being original original, this decoration will have the advantage of being handmade!

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