10 ideas to inspire you!

10 ideas to inspire you!

The central pedestal table, in addition to being elegant, offers many advantages. Indeed, during a large meal with family or friends, none of your guests will find themselves embarrassed with the foot of the table. Everyone can then put their legs as they wish and will be accommodated in the same boat. You therefore save space in addition to offering unparalleled comfort to your guests. You will be able to invite one or two more people: thank you central encroachment!

There are different materials for your center leg. Whether in wood, steel or plywood, it will in any case create a little touch of originality and modernity in your interior. During your research, you will be able to find different foot shapes (see below) such as Mikado foot, cross foot, or tulip foot.

Whether your table is rectangular or round, you will be spoiled for choice regarding the central leg. It will highlight your tray with elegance, but be careful that the set adapts well to your style of decoration!

Let’s go to discover some central feet that are both practical and original:

1) A chic and refined central foot

Here offered on a round table, the central leg gives an appearance that is both solid and light. It catches the eye without being too imposing.

2) A central golden metal foot for a touch of light in your interior

Having a golden central foot can bring a double originality, and brightness. It is still necessary to have an interior suitable for this kind of color.

3) A central origami foot, for a trendy and original style

With this central foot of Italian origin, you will attract all eyes. And even if you have a central leg, nothing prevents having an extendable table. Your guests will be amazed to see a foot that is both attractive and robust. Italian designers definitely have no creative limits!

Photo credits: 4-foot

4) A foot and a solid wood top for a Zen atmosphere

This central foot which is both airy and discreet will go perfectly in your interior and will create a Zen atmosphere.

5) the famous Mikado foot

The Mikado foot is the trendy foot. It will give a design and industrial effect to your interior. It is often associated with a wooden tray.

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