What aids for insulation work?

What aids for insulation work?

Is your house quite old and the last thermal diagnosis that you had to carry out was not very good? Do you want to reduce your heating bills? In this case, it might be worth considering work to improve the insulation of your home! If this scares you, know that there are many help you can claim. These will help you finance your insulation work.

The “Live with better peace of mind” grant

Paid by the National Housing Agency (Anah), this aid can be granted in particular households with modest and very modest resources for whom it is necessary to carry out renovation work. It is also possible for owners of individual housing as well as landlords and co-owners’ associations to benefit from it. This aid is valid for work which saves at least 25% of energy. To be eligible, the home must be occupied as a main residence and must be over 15 years old. Finally, it can be combined with reduced rate VAT as well as zero rate Eco-loan (Eco-PTZ).

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The “MaPrimeRénov ‘” subsidy

Fairly recent, MaPrimeRénov ‘was launched on January 1, 2020. It replaces the energy transition tax credit as well as Anah aid. It cannot therefore be combined with “Living with greater peace of mind”. The amount of the premium is calculated on the basis of household income and the ecological gain from the work. It is therefore interesting for exterior or interior insulation work. All households are potentially eligible as long as the dwelling is occupied as a primary residence. Landlord owners can also benefit from MaPrimeRénov ‘as well as condominiums for which it is possible to finance renovation work on common areas.

The Energy Solidarity Pact: insulation at 1 euro

The PES is a program set up by the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy which aims to fight against fuel poverty. It therefore allows to benefit from an insulation of the attic for a simple symbolic euro. The eligibility criteria are:

– to be the owner or the tenant of an individual house or an apartment for more than 2 years.
– The minimum surface to be insulated must be 35 m².
– Finally, you must not exceed a certain amount of tax income depending on the composition of your household.

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Eco-loan at zero interest

Still available until December 31, 2021, the zero-rate Eco-loan allows you to finance the energy renovation of your home. The big plus is that it is possible without making upfront and without paying interest. To be able to claim it, your accommodation must be a house or an apartment completed before January 1, 1990 (31 years old) and declared as main residence. You can be owner-occupant or lessor, including co-ownership. The zero-rate Eco-loan can also be granted civil companies not subject to corporation tax and of which at least one of the partners is a natural person.

5.5% VAT for energy quality improvement work

If you are renovating your home in order to improve its energy quality (insulation, double-glazed window, change of heating system, etc.), this work can potentially benefit from a reduced rate VAT of 5.5%. The latter concerns houses or apartments over 2 years old, whether primary or secondary accommodation.

Be aware that there are still many other grants, aid schemes and tax benefits for your insulation work that you will find right here.

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