Tulle for your kitchen: 100+ weightless examples

Tulle for your kitchen: 100+ weightless examples

This light, translucent textile is able to radically transform the kitchen, make its interior more delicate, sophisticated, cozy, bring harmony and completeness.

Let’s look at the most popular examples of tulle for ordinary and small kitchens that are relevant this season.

Fashionable novelties

Each textile store and specialized Internet sites offer customers an incredible range of these textiles.

The variety of materials, colors, styles, external design allows you to select options that can perfectly fit into the design of your kitchen, while meeting individual wishes.

Most popular and fashionable new products are:

  1. 1. Drapery canvas
  2. 2. Tulle on eyelets
  3. 3. Tulle with photo printing
  4. 4. Tulle combined with muslin
  5. five. Tulle complemented by roman shades

So that each of you can make the right choice, it will be useful to familiarize yourself with the features of each of this option, to know its advantages and disadvantages.

Tulle drapery options

Despite its transparency and weightlessness, tulle is able to provide decent protection from bright sunlight.

Thanks to a wide selection, ease of use and care, excellent combination with any kind of curtains and curtains, tulle is ideal for the formation of an exclusive kitchen interior and home comfort.

It can be shaped into almost any shape, highlighting the elegance of the room design.

Tulle drape – this is a wonderful opportunity to bring sophistication, nobility, elegance, additional attractiveness into the room.

You can give an ordinary canvas a luxurious look in several ways:

  1. 1. Provide the material with fixed longitudinal or transverse folds even at the stage of sewing the product. The last option is relevant for tulle, which rolls up in a horizontal plane (Roman, Austrian curtains).
  2. 2. Create extraordinary folds using special tools: grabs, staples, rings, magnets.

There are several of the most popular ways of draping of this textile:

  • Classic wave. It will be most advantageous in the middle of the curtain. To create it, you need to assemble the inside of the curtain with your hands, forming a hanging section of the desired height on it. Grab the assembled tulle with a magnet and fix it so that you get a wave.
  • Double wave. It is formed in the same way as the classic one, only not one, but two groups of folds are made. The first overhang is more voluminous and is formed from above, but the second – less lush is done from below.
  • Bottom drapery. It is supposed to form along the lower edge of the original W-shaped fold with the help of magnets. You can lift it just a few centimeters, or even to the middle of the canvas. It all depends on individual wishes.

There are a lot of ways of draping. Show your own imagination, and you can create an exclusive tulle for your kitchen, which will decorate the interior and make it noticeably more comfortable.

Tulle on eyelets

It is the presence of eyelets that is a distinctive feature of this type of curtain. Thanks to them, it is possible to obtain even vertical folds.

Eyelets are rings that are fixed along the top line of the canvas. They dress on a round cornice.

The density of the drapery will depend on how far apart the rings are from each other, as well as on their diameter.

If you choose a tulle curtain with eyelets for your kitchen, but you can see for yourself in such advantages your solution:

  • folds of the same volume give the tulle a neat and orderly look;
  • such curtains are very easy to put on and take off from the eaves;
  • if you wish, you can install the eyelets yourself, without having special skills and special devices;
  • the rings glide well along the cornice, which is especially important for kitchens that provide access to the balcony.

Such tulle curtains will be an ideal solution for decorating windows in rooms designed in modern styles: American, Scandinavian, minimalism, hi-tech, modern, fusion, loft, etc.

But there is one drawback: from time to time you have to adjust the curtain in order to position the rings at the same distance from each other.

Tulle with photo printing

Patterned tulle is often used for rooms located on the sunny side of the house. Such fabric shades the room better, creating a cozy, comfortable twilight in it.

If you want to decorate your kitchen in a rather non-standard and exclusive way, pay attention to tulle with photo printing.

This is one of the latest innovations that allows you to get any images you like on the canvas, including three-dimensional ones. These can be landscapes, ornaments, flowers, vegetables, fruits, and even your family photos.

Technological process consists of several stages:

  1. 1. Design development and fabric selection… Turning to a specialized service, you select the tulle on which the image will be applied, as well as the picture itself from the catalog. If you wish, you can bring your own picture.
  2. 2. Blank – This is the image of your choice, printed on special sublimation paper.
  3. 3.Image transfer… For this, a thermal press is used, in which, under the influence of high temperature, a photo is displayed on a fabric canvas.

To implement this process, colors used in clothing design are used. They are environmentally friendly and completely safe. Advanced dye-sublimation technology realistically reproduces every color nuance.

The brightness of the colors does not fade even after repeated washes. Competently implemented printing allows you to create the effect of presence in the room.

Such curtains are endowed with bright personality, originality and exclusivity. They fit perfectly into laconic interiors, emphasizing them favorably and diluting monotony.

Tulle with muslin

Kiseya has found the most widespread use in kitchen design due to the fact that its threads do not absorb odors, smoke and soot do not settle on them, they are not afraid of frequent movements.

This is not just a tribute to fashion, but a fairly simple way to decorate a window, it is beneficial to highlight it against the general background. If you want to create a completely exclusive and extraordinary solution, try to combine muslin and tulle.

In this case, place a solid canvas in the background, and install a thread curtain on top of it. This option will always look interesting and unusual.

You can create a complete harmonious picture only if you adhere to certain recommendations:

  • Choose the right colors. If you opted for a muslin of bright shades, then the shade of the background, that is, the tulle fabric, should be lighter, but at the same time fit into the selected palette. And vice versa: threads of pastel colors will be favorably emphasized by a bright base.
  • Drawing and texture. If you plan to decorate muslin with sequins, bugles, beads, then the main emphasis should be placed on them. That is, it is worth choosing a background canvas without a picture. If you want to use hooks for the threads, then you can choose textured and painted tulle.
  • Drape you can do both the gauze itself and the background curtain. Just decide on what exactly you want to focus on: on the bottom or the top layer.

Not only designers can experiment with combination, but also each of you. A sense of style and personal taste will allow you to create a real work of art in your kitchen.

Tulle with roman shades

Roman blinds are one of the currently most popular window decoration methods. If you have chosen this option for yourself, then surely after installation you will notice that a somewhat angular design began to catch your eye.

By lifting the curtain up, you will open too many windows, which also not everyone will like. It is very easy to get rid of these shortcomings.

It is enough to combine roller curtains and tulle fabric. It is hung along the edges of the window opening, slightly “gathering” it into the waves with the help of curtain braids or strings.

Lightweight, translucent material will allow you to create a complete composition.

This option will perfectly fit into interiors that combine modernity and classics. In this case, the fabric of the curtain itself should be textile and preferably natural. Excludes polyester, paper, bamboo.

Competently selected materials complement each other favorably, emphasize the individuality of the solution.

To combine Roman curtains with tulle, you can use simple design techniques:

  • heavy curtain fabrics should be combined with light, airy textiles, placing it along the edges;
  • matte tulle can completely block the window opening;
  • use lambrequins;
  • long straight tulle curtains are favorably combined with strongly gathered curtains.

These are just a few ways to combine. Using your own imagination and the variety of fabrics on sale today, you can easily get extraordinary author’s solutions for your own kitchen.

You just need to know that when combining Roman blinds and tulle, the purpose of the latter is solely to decoratively smooth the corners, that is, it does not perform any practical function.

That’s all we wanted to show in our collection of examples of tulle in the kitchen. Rely on your own taste and sense of style, combine fabrics of different colors and textures, use drapery elements, create original beveled shapes – all this will look bright and exclusive in comparison with uniform even curtains.

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