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If summer is generally an expected time throughout the year, especially because it is synonymous with vacation and rest, some also fear this time during which the temperature can become unbearable. The heat is not suitable for everyone, and if some adore being able to take advantage of this rise in mercury, others on the contrary prefer to shut themselves away at home impatiently awaiting autumn. Moreover, it is at this time of year that sales of fans and other air conditioners are at their peak, in order to cool the interior as much as possible, and not suffer too much from high temperatures. Only, when you go to a store to choose the device that will save your summer, you usually face a great diversity of proposals, and if you are not a minimum informed on the subject, then you can quickly get lost. among the large offer. So here are some simple tips for choosing the best stationary or portable air conditioner that will best suit your lifestyle and your home.

Mobile air conditioner: cheaper, but less efficient

When you go to a store in search of the perfect air conditioner, a first question arises: is it better to opt for a fixed or mobile air conditioner? This obviously depends on the use you plan to make of it, as well as your budget.

The portable air conditioner is indeed very often appreciated by people who cannot afford to spend a lot of money. It is indeed less expensive devices, which therefore appeal to people who want to cool off at a low price (it is possible to find it in stores from 300 euros). Another great advantage of a mobile air conditioner: as its name suggests, it can be transported to any room in the housenot. This allows to refresh only the rooms in which there is a presence. However, a portable air conditioner is unfortunately not as efficient than a fixed air conditioner. It is actually not as powerful, and therefore probably not suitable for people living in very hot areas. In addition, it can be bulky as it sits directly on the ground. It also has a large pipe which must be near an opening to the outside (a window or a half-open door for example), which is not necessarily very practical. Finally, mobile air conditioners can also be relatively noisy, which can be very painful on a daily basis.

There are two types of mobile air conditioners: monoblocks (which have the pipe connected to the outside) and the splits. These are composed of two separate blocks : an outdoor condenser which allows hot air to be evacuated, and an indoor unit delivering cool air. If a split air conditioner is also mobile, it is not not as easy to move as a monoblock. It is also a little more expensive (count around 700 euros), but also less noisyt.

Regarding maintenance, it is payable by the owner of the air conditioner, so you have to be very careful about it in order to keep it as long as possible.

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Fixed air conditioner: the guarantee of a cool room

If it is not necessarily accessible to all budgets (it is necessary to count at least 1000 euros, excluding installation costs), it must be recognized that the fixed air conditioner is much more efficient than mobile. In principle, it is found fixed at the top of a wall, which has the advantage of do not obstruct the passage at all. However, it can also be a disadvantage for some people in terms of decoration. The air conditioner does take up a bit of space, and can sometimes “stain” a bit in the middle of an entire decoration. It is still a small detail when you know how pleasant its freshness can be.

As with a mobile split air conditioner, the fixed split air conditioner consists of two parts: one inside the accommodation which will spread the fresh air, and the other outside which will expel the heat. The exterior part takes up a little space, however, and is therefore not necessarily suitable for people who do not have a balcony or garden. In this case, it is then possible toe fix it directly on the facade of the building. However, for this, it is necessary to ask the authorization of the condominium manager in the case of a building.

Obviously, the stationary air conditioner is much more efficient than a mobile model. He actually has unparalleled power, and remains relatively discreet. An important point for those who decide to place the air conditioner in the living room for example.

Before embarking on the purchase of a stationary air conditioner, it is important to turn to a professional, who will know exactly how to find the ideal model. It is indeed important to take into account certain parameters, such as the area of ​​the room to be cooled, the needs of the household and the possibility or not of installing it in the home. The choice of air conditioner is not made lightly.

With regard to the maintenance of such an air conditioner, it is necessary to call a professional. Once again, this implies costs, which must absolutely be taken into account when purchasing the device. While some models have a signal to indicate that it is necessary to service the air conditioner, this is not the case for all. However, it is absolutely essential not to neglect this part, because in the long term, the device may become defective if not. Thus, every two to three weeks, it is necessary to clean the filter, which can accumulate particles. This step is perfectly achievable without the help of a professional. Nevertheless, maintenance every five years is essential to keep an air conditioner in good working order. Expenses for the maintenance of a fixed air conditioner vary between 100 and 300 euros per month.

How to use an air conditioner?

It is important to remember that the purchase of an air conditioner is not without consequences, and can in particular be a vector of pollution. It is indeed devices that consume a lot of electricity, which should therefore be used in moderation. It is therefore recommended to leave an air conditioner continuously lit, but at a temperature not too low. In case of absence, rather than turning it off, it is better to adjust the temperature and increase it a little. As a general rule, it is advisable to keep a temperature difference between inside and outside of about 7 ° C. In addition, for the proper use of an air conditioner, it is essential to not to have a leak of freshness. Before purchasing, it is therefore important to check that the accommodation is well insulated. Finally, on a daily basis, and when the air conditioner is on, it is necessary systematically keep the shutters closed during the day to prevent heat from entering, and ventilate in the evening when temperatures are a little lower.

How to make a choice ?

Choosing the perfect air conditioner can change completely from household to household. It is indeed a very personal decision, which must be taken on the basis of the daily life of the people living in the accommodation. It is for this reason that we must not hesitate to turn to professionals, who will know how to perfectly guide in this important choice. That said, these few tips can already give you an idea of ​​what would be best for you.

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