Small original ponds in pots for a fairy-tale garden: let yourself be inspired

Petits étangs originaux en pots.

To have small ponds in pots in the garden is to create a dreamlike atmosphere, one of a kind. There are many different types to meet all space needs. This amazing and magical idea will delight both adults and children.

Potted ponds are an amazing decorative solution for the garden. Decorating an outdoor environment always means seeking and finding new inspiration, and this one is truly splendid and has a huge visual impact.

Ponds in pots bring a feeling of freshness and fairyland to any outdoor space. Romantic and timeless inspirations!

Creative small ponds in pots for a fairytale garden: get inspired

A nice terracotta pot to create a mini pond in the garden and fill it with flowers all around. A relaxing atmosphere that you will not forget.

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A stone vase containing water and scattered flowers: it is the basin which one does not expect and which fills the garden with romanticism.

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A vase edged in red and many decorative plants: garden ponds attract attention and even the youngest children appreciate them.

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You can improve a garden with little. All you need is a terracotta vase filled with water and flowers and leaves floating on top.

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Not only a vase but also a wooden box can become a magnificent basin for a rustic garden: a beautiful idea, original and simple at the same time.

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Water lilies inside the pond, created in a large ceramic bowl-like vase: the oriental-inspired pond never disappoints.

A vase, water, flowers, nature: the garden becomes a dream place with incredible DIY ponds!

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A large dark vase filled with water, from which colorful flowers emerge: in summer, the pond enlivens the garden and makes it beautiful!

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