Match your bedding set to its decoration

Match your bedding set to its decoration

The bedding set in your bedroom is quite important because of the space it occupies. Indeed, you will notice that the main element in this room is indeed your bed. If you want to create an atmosphere that suits you and have a good nights sleep, do not neglect the choice of a beautiful duvet cover as well as bed accessories, and do not forget to mix the effects of colors and materials. . Here are a few tips !

1) White, a safe bet

Opt for white if you like the neutral side in a bedroom, which adapts to all styles! Bring hints of color with accessories, such as cushions or bed throws to bring your personal touch and show your personality. Do not hesitate to combine colors and materials for a doubly cozy and warm atmosphere. For example, you can choose your percale linen and your imitation fur bed throw for a soft ensemble.

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2) prints

You can easily combine prints with a solid color for a little more fantasy and a trendy touch to your room. Flowers, graphic patterns, designs… You can find them on bed accessories or on your duvet cover in addition to your decoration. Be careful, however, to use them sparingly. If a wall in your bedroom is already patterned then avoid adding more.

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3) A monochrome

Choose several sheets to create a monochrome in your room, remembering to have a touch of white. Indeed, it will bring light to your decoration as well as a lighter effect. Be careful, however, not to opt for the same color as your headboard at the risk of having a heavy atmosphere but you can stay in the same tone.

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4) Match the curtains and the bed set

Curtains and bedding can be the same color or at least the same tones. If you want a natural atmosphere, then opt for a green color as in the photo below, then accessories and other furniture in natural material. Choose a wooden bed and bedside tables, a wicker chandelier, etc.

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5) Two-tone atmosphere

For a relaxing atmosphere, you can also combine two complementary colors. One darker and the other lighter, thanks to the furniture, a folded bedspread, a sheet under the duvet, two pillows of different colors, in short, it’s up to you to choose where you want to make this difference in subtlety.

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6) In black and white

No need to think too much if you opt for a black and white room, a room with character. Even if this one is not very feng-shui, the main thing is to feel good inside it. Both modern and classic, it can be complicated to create a harmonious atmosphere with these two opposites. For this, you must be careful to respect the balance between the two. Black should be much less present than white. In addition, to avoid having a room that is too dull, do not hesitate to place some furniture and some bed accessories as well as a patterned duvet, to bring a little life to your decoration.

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7) A soft and warm atmosphere

You can also choose to combine rather soft colors, such as light gray and light camel. Don’t skimp on the quantity of cushions to bring even more varieties of colors and materials, as well as a bedspread reminiscent of your wall or accessories, such as bedside lamps, curtains …

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8) Patterns and color

Here too, the bed set matches the decoration. Flowers, sheets, photos, etc. In addition, the patterns match very well which creates a build-up for a quite lively and cheerful atmosphere.

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