LED lighting for the kitchen work area

LED lighting for the kitchen work area

LED lighting for the kitchen, built-in above the working area, will not only increase the amount of light in this area, but also beautifully and emphasize the contours of the headset.

What are its advantages

As many people know, LED strips are an ICE cord that emits light when connected to an electric current.

The brightness of the flux generated by them depends on the chemical composition of the LEDs. Installation involves the mandatory use of a stabilizer, which excludes overheating and premature failure of the device.

LED strip backlighting has a number of impressive advantages, in particular:

  • resistance to various mechanical damage;
  • durability of use, because it will serve you for at least 15 years even when used for more than 14 hours a day;
  • high brightness of the glow from the first second of switching on, that is, there is no need for heating;
  • wide range of colors (white, orange, red, blue, green, yellow, purple tone);
  • the ability to work in the ultraviolet and infrared spectrum;
  • low cost, affordable to everyone;
  • availability of choice for each field of application of the tape having a certain angle of radiation;
  • safety in the operational process;
  • insignificant consumption of electrical energy due to energy-saving technologies (LED);
  • absence of dangerous and toxic emissions during use;
  • insensitivity to temperature fluctuations in the kitchen, as well as to areas of increased heat generation.

Where to install the LED backlight?

LED lighting for the kitchen, located in the work area, is an excellent solution for rooms, the interior of which is made in both classic and modern styles.

For the former, it is worth choosing options that emit warm light. At the same time, for more modern interiors, tape with “cold” light is the best choice.

Decent technical characteristics, combined with enviable aesthetics, have made these devices widely in demand in the arrangement of kitchen lighting.

With their help you can:

  • highlight niches and cabinets;
  • illuminate the kitchen apron, sink and work area;
  • highlight paintings and other decorative design elements;
  • it is beneficial to emphasize multilevel or stretch ceilings;
  • equip the lighting of the insides of drawers and cabinets;
  • create the effect of furniture floating in the air by placing the ribbon under the kitchen set;
  • to recreate the style and original atmosphere of a real bar, advantageously beating the area of ​​the bar counter with the help of the LED-wire.

The LED strip is harmoniously combined with other light sources, whether it is a central chandelier, surface-mounted or built-in spotlights.

Illumination of the dining area and table top

If you are looking for LED wires for the kitchen, we advise you to give preference to models that differ in the average degree of protection against moisture. They are covered with a protective layer resistant to steam, water and other liquid media.

Therefore, in the process of wet cleaning, you can safely wipe them together with kitchen furniture, without fear of damaging them or causing a short circuit.

Also, as a rule, such a coating is distinguished by its dirt-repellent properties, so that dust, carbon deposits and soot do not settle on the surface, which can reduce the glow power.

If you decide to place the wire along the edge of the tabletop, during the installation work you cannot do without a special aluminum profile, able to reliably hide it from the eyes and give the surrounding space sophistication and originality.

Today, the range of such products is amazing with its diversity. Self-adhesive tapes can be easily found on the market to simplify the installation process.

A wide range of accessories will allow you to adjust the color or brightness of the backlight.

We recommend choosing a warm white shade for the dining area and food preparation area, because it will not change the natural colors of the food.

A decent decorative effect can be obtained by using multiple LED wires.

Experiment and you are guaranteed to find an extraordinary and sophisticated solution for your own kitchen.

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