everything to awaken the senses of the little ones

everything to awaken the senses of the little ones

Sensory bottles are generally used to stimulate the development of the senses of our toddlers. Indeed, the hearing and the sight will be solicited thanks to the small objects which you will integrate in the bottles. This quick activity will also allow you to keep them occupied for several hours! Be careful of course to stick your cork with glue to avoid any overflow. Your older children will be able to help you with the realization. There are several types of sensory bottles, discover some ideas below:

1) pompoms

The pompoms are here bathed in water. You can add a little washing-up liquid or oil to your water to make the consistency a little thicker.

2) rice

If you can, do not hesitate to hide a few objects in your bottle so that your child will be intrigued by the noise, but also by the little treasures to be found by shaking.

3) Buttons

The buttons are also loud. You can incorporate them in a transparent liquid, such as water, oil, glycerin or even hair gel… The movements will intrigue your baby.

4) let your imagination run wild

Take what you have at hand: sand, corn, split peas, vermicelli, bells … do not hesitate to mix several materials to create different sounds, movements and shapes that will captivate your child.

5) Sensory themed bottle

Create themes for the older ones like Batman, Lego, cars …

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