9 creative recycling ideas with corks: get inspired

9 creative recycling ideas with corks: get inspired

How to recycle cork stoppers to make items and decorations for the home. 9 creative recycling ideas that will immediately fall in love with you.

The cork from bottle caps can be easily recycled to create fantastic household items. It transforms waste into raw material for unique decorations. If you like DIY, you’ll find a lot of great ideas here. So let’s take a look at the 9 suggestions for creative bottle recycling.

9 creative recycling ideas with corks: a trivet

A really easy idea to achieve with stoppers and above all extremely functional is to make a trivet. Just glue the pieces together with hot glue and you’re good to go.

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A cell phone holder

A very practical ally for various tasks is a DIY cell phone holder. A creative recycling idea that is easy to make but can be very useful, for example if you need to look at a recipe while cooking.

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A shabby soap dish

Cork can also be useful in the bathroom. Three caps glued together turn into a soap dish. If we want to give it a shabby chic touch, we can decorate it with a strip of lace like in the photo.

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The frame to fill with corks

The caps can also be transformed into a decorative element, as in this proposal. Inserted within such a frame, they help to make an already iconic phrase special.

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A creative painting

Instead of the classic blackboard in the kitchen, let’s make a bulletin board from corks. A truly original and above all incredibly creative DIY idea.

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A beautiful cork wreath

For those who like to change the decoration of their house according to the seasons, this is the best solution for fall. Stoppers have been assembled to create a decorative wreath on the theme of the harvest.

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A picture frame

Turning cork into photo frames to beautify and decorate the walls of your home is really easy. All you need is a cardboard backing of the desired size and hot glue. Then we compose the frame as we want.

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A decorative heart

Decorating your home is never easy. What do you think of this cork heart idea?

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A multifunctional cork wreath

This wreath can be used as a decorative, but can also be placed in the center of the table and used as a candle holder.

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