7 ideas for your confined Valentine’s Day party

7 ideas for your confined Valentine's Day party

This year, Valentine’s Day will seem quite special to you if you used to go out to a restaurant for a romantic dinner, then go to the movies or walk around town. Indeed, it will be done at your place, but all is not lost for all that, on the contrary! Here is a little program for your confined Valentine’s Day party:

1) have a drink

Take out the sparkling, prepare a little cocktail in the colors of love, some toast and snacks, but save room for dinner.

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2) A little slow

Put on your favorite song, and for a moment, forget all about your everyday life and enjoy your loved one.

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3) Dine by candlelight (or not)

Support your favorite restaurant by ordering their special Valentine’s Day menu or, like a chef, put yourself in the kitchen cooking your favorite dish. If your go-to dish is just a good plate of carbo pasta, then indulge yourself, this is the main thing.

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4) A game of lovers

Take out the dice, or any other game without strategy or headaches so as not to spoil the evening. Share a warm moment filled with complicity.

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5) A massage for the loser

The loser of the game will then have to offer a massage to the winner. This is a great way to spice things up!

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6) a bubble bath

If you are one of the lucky ones who have a bathtub, fill it to the brim with lots of foam to give yourself a moment of relaxation as we can see in some movies. Also remember to put a small light to create a subdued atmosphere.

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7) A cinema session at home

After the bath, pop the popcorns, choose a good movie, take out the blanket and end the evening in each other’s arms …

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Hoping that your Valentine’s Day will go well!

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