6 gift ideas that will make her happy

6 gift ideas that will make her happy

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and you’re still running out of ideas? Don’t panic, thanks to those suggested below, you will be able to spoil your mom. Do not hesitate to introduce him to new activities or to offer him a personalized gift to show your love.

1) A terrarium

Make your own terrarium or buy it ready-made if you prefer. The advantage of doing it yourself is to be able to personalize both the composition, but also the container thanks to the different shapes and sizes available. You can also insert small objects that will remind you of your mom’s tastes.

2) A gardening box

Surprise her by giving her this gardening box! By opening it, your mother will be able to discover several things: 4 to 5 varieties of seeds of flowers, vegetables and fruits, a pencil to plant, a booklet of advices and recipes, as well as 2 cards to plant of tomatoes and strawberries. In addition, a special Mother’s Day card is offered! She will be delighted.

3) A manicure jar

If your mom is flirtatious, then give him a special personalized manicure jar! Integrate little ones varnish, a nail file and other accessories to take care of those little hands that you carried throughout your childhood.

4) a creative activity

Even if your mom is not a special person creative, you can still offer her a way to relax by giving her the necessary things to do. diamond embroidery, of the paint to number or even a jewelry making kit.

5) a painted flowerpot

Create your own terracotta pot by painting it with paint acrylic Where vinyl. Prep it, clean it and dry it well before you start painting it. Also, don’t forget to varnish your pot to fix the paint.

6) A personalized mug

You can personalize your mug on the internet or yourself with a special porcelain marker. Get yourself a blank mug and draw or write your prettiest declaration to your mom.

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