6 essential accessories for a cocooning atmosphere

6 essential accessories for a cocooning atmosphere

The desire to feel good at home is essential these days. Whether for strolling, working or entertaining, summer or winter, having a pretty decoration is good for morale. In EFFand, from jOlis furniture and a nice wooden floor do not all. The importso much, these are the accessesblacks! To obtain a cocooning atmosphere, many decorative objects are suitable. Think about long winter days, on your sofa with a good hot chocolate Isn’t there something missing? Yes, the plaid! Here is a first cocooning accessory. And it’s not over ! Discover ci-below the essential accessories for your decoration for a cocooning atmosphere.

1) cushions

Accumulate cushions, without exaggeration, of different materials such as velvet, silk, faux fur and above all, soft colors. Obviously, if you opt for colors that are too bright, these do not call for relaxation. Choose as many “natural” colors as possible, we are looking for comfort and not visual aggression.

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2) A round jute rug

Think of round accessories to break the lines of your table, your walls, frames, etc … In addition, it adapts to all rooms! Bedroom, living room, dining room, choose where you want to install your round jute rug. Avoid the kitchen, however, you might stain it. Thanks to its natural appearance, it brings a warm atmosphere to your interior, you and your guests will then have a feeling of comfort. In addition, there are all sizes! You can find some right here.

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3) The curtains

Choose curtains in soft colors with significant thermal insulation. In winter, you won’t have to close the shutters to keep the heat in, just draw your pretty curtains. In summer, hang them on the side or do the same to keep them cool. Their thickness will automatically create a warm appearance, you will feel soothed.

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4) candles or soft lights

Regarding the brightness, opt instead for candles or auxiliary lamps in order to have a slightly subdued light. By lighting candles, your cocoon can both smell great and be warmed and lit naturally. For small accent lights, choose warm colored bulbs and avoid lights like neon lights, which offer a fairly cold light. In addition, ensure that the lighting is diffused against a wall to avoid direct light if for example you decide to install spotlights.

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5) plaids

As mentioned in the introduction, plaids are essential to create a cocooning atmosphere! Their softness and warmth add something extra to the decoration. Nicely folded and placed on the sofa, your guests will hasten to take refuge with him.

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6) Plants

Don’t you have a green thumb? Although there are many easy-care plants, fear not, you can choose artificial plants! Some have a really natural appearance and this will allow you to be able to place them anywhere, because some plants do not settle in a room for example.

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