5 ideas for reusing green waste in the garden

5 ideas for reusing green waste in the garden

When you maintain your garden, you inevitably generate green waste. These are all the remaining plants such as mowing remains, dead leaves, branches after brush clearing, what falls after pruning, etc. Green waste is also food waste such as vegetable peelings or fruit that has fallen to the ground and cannot be consumed. These natural elements are reusable, especially in your garden. Here are 5 ideas for reusing green waste in the garden.

1) Make your own compost

When we talk about natural fertilizer, we quickly think of compost. It nourishes your plants and provides the nutrients necessary for their development. Most green waste fits perfectly in compost. You can put dead leaves, tops, wood chips, wilted flowers, coffee grounds, vegetable peels, fruit fallen from trees that can no longer be eaten, crushed branches, etc.

2) Recycle large branches

It is more difficult to reuse branches after pruning or the maintenance remains of a hedge, for example. You should still know that it is forbidden by law to burn yourself, and without authorization from the prefecture, green waste. To recycle larger waste, you can use an electric shredder. Thus, you will be able to reuse the pruning of roses, branches, cedars and other waste a little more troublesome to manage in small forms such as sawdust. Moreover, sawdust integrates perfectly with the compost.

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3) Mulching in the garden

Another idea for reusing green waste in the garden: mulching. Whether it is to keep the soil cool in the summer or to keep the roots warm in the winter, a good mulch at the feet of plants is often useful. In addition, depending on the materials used for the mulch, it can become a source of nutrients for the soil and therefore for your plants. After all, these are organic materials that can contain nitrogen or potassium, for example.

4) Help the animals

If you are lucky enough to have a few chickens, rabbits, pigs and other barnyard animals, you can offer them carrot tops, straw, salad leaves, vegetable peelings, whatever. which is ultimately vegetable.

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5) Donate your green waste

It is possible to donate green waste to your municipality, for example. It may have set up a selective collection system, otherwise it suffices to make a simple request to the town hall. The municipality reuses them for compost, for example. There are also companies that come to collect the largest volumes.

You can also grind them and use them as an energy source for a barbecue, a fireplace or for your wood stove. You just have to remember to leave your wood dry so that it can be combustible. Do not hesitate to distribute it to your neighbors and have a barbecue with friends!

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