5 headboard ideas that invite you to relax

5 headboard ideas that invite you to relax

Often overlooked, the headboard is actually a very important decorative element in the bedroom. It allows you to dress the bed and give an atmosphere to this space which is reserved for sleep and relaxation. A bedroom without a headboard is sorely lacking in charm and it is important to choose it well in order to feel good there. Here is a selection of the most conducive to relaxation!

The quilted headboard for a cocooning effect

What could be more relaxing than pushing open the door of your room to find yourself in this atmosphere? The quilted fabric headboard is ideal for getting a cocooning atmosphere and a bit of boudoir. Add to that an accumulation of cushions and a large fur-effect plaid and you will have only one desire: you throw on your bed for a pure moment of relaxation! For this decoration, we put on soft and powdery colors and very soft materials.

The rattan headboard for a zen bedroom

Back in vogue for a few years, the rattan headboard is now available through a multitude of different models ! You can find this one on La Redoute. The latter will bring a lot of character to your bedroom, but very gently. Associated with a decor with neutral colors: brown, beige, terracotta, white as well as natural materials such as wood or linen, the rattan headboard gives a soothing and zen atmosphere to the room.

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A room in the heart of nature

If you are a nature lover, why not choose to integrate it directly into your interior? For a room of “chic chalet” style, choose a few logs of the same dimensions and assemble them one above the other. All you have to do is choose a good book, whip up a little hot chocolate and snuggle up in a blanket. Additional decoration tip: if you have a TV in your room, display it a virtual fireplace. Relaxing atmosphere guaranteed!

A sleek, designer headboard

With you, no fuss, you like clean things ! In this case, we advise you to opt for a designer headboard. After a long day, you don’t necessarily want to enter a cluttered interior. To have a clear mind, we focus on simple colors: anthracite, white and wood as well as on geometric shapes. The rigor, symmetry and precision will bring complete satisfaction to your mind so that it can relax without problem.

The carved wooden headboard for traveling

If for you relaxation rhymes with escape, this openwork carved wooden headboard is ideal! Both sophisticated and refined, it dresses the bed in a style straight from the countries of the Middle East. You can marry its assertive oriental style with golden decoration, mirrors, wooden elements, etc. The result is exotic and very conducive to relaxation!

Haven’t had enough? Discover even more headboard ideas for your bedroom!

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