4 steps necessary to organize a treasure hunt

4 steps necessary to organize a treasure hunt

Whether for children or between adults, organizing a treasure hunt requires some preparation. Indeed, several steps are necessary for a successful treasure hunt! Let’s detail them together below:

1) Set the target and the goal

Is it for a child or for an adult? Is it organized for a birthday or for some other occasion?

If your scavenger hunt is for one child, the puzzles will obviously be easier than for an adult where it will be possible to push the vice. Do not hesitate to create a whole plot around a specific theme. For example, you can put your child in the shoes of a pirate, a private investigator, or even a Ninja and orient your puzzles according to the chosen theme in order to create a special atmosphere.

Of course, if you want to put a adult in the shoes of a pirate, this is also quite possible. On the other hand, the puzzles will have a different look.

2) Set the kind of puzzles you want

About the puzzles, you can write them by orienting your questions according to your objective. Let’s develop this track: do you want it solve a riddle like how much is 2 + 2 or do you want it to guess a specific place?

If you go for the first solution, it means that you will have to follow it every step of the way to verify that he is giving you the correct answer and to indicate where he should look for the next clue.

Conversely, if you opt for the second solution, you will make him to guess by riddles one particular place : “The place of our first kiss”; “Where we go to the market” etc. For that, it will be necessary to delimit and announce the zone from the start.

3) Define the area of ​​action

Before starting the treasure hunt, announce the limit zone. If you are organizing this treasure hunt for your birthday child, delimit the area with studs, panels or the like to be sure that no one passes it. If you are organizing this hunt for a adult, you can make him take the car and have it search in the whole village, or even the entire department if you want to take it to a specific location!

4) Give a prize

For your child’s birthday, hide a treasure chest with lots of small lots inside or a big one gift that he was looking forward to.

For an adult, organize a surprise somewhere, a activity or hide a gift too!

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