4 DIY ideas to make spring cleaning and storage easier

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Winter has finally faded and the colors of spring have returned to our daily lives. While it may appear to be the case outside your home, your interior may get stuck in winter mode. A good spring cleaning is essential. This will be an opportunity to refresh your home and take advantage of all the benefits of the seasonal change to get rid of what you no longer need, and put away what you no longer need until next year.

Why is spring cleaning so important for your interior?

Spring cleaning is not just a housewife’s whim. It is a rite of passage that not only allows you to find a cocoon more suited to your needs from the moment. But also a great way to boost your physical health as well as your mental health.

The proof by 3:

  1. Better breathing : After spending several months confined, the cleanliness of your home is all the more crucial when spring arrives. When your interior remains closed and insulated during the winter months, dust accumulates there, the air stagnates, and your health (especially respiratory) suffers. A good spring cleaning improves the air quality in your home and therefore makes you feel better at home. With a cleaner home, you’ll also be in a better mood, and more willing to welcome your guests (when possible).
  2. No more mess : Clutter is an (often overlooked) cause of mental exhaustion When objects that you no longer need take up space and accumulate dust in your home, it can have an impact on your emotional health as well as your physical well-being. That doesn’t mean you have to throw it all out and become minimalism pros, but a thorough spring cleaning can help lift the veil on the winter doldrums. You will certainly see an improvement in your concentration and attitude to stress (good points if you work at home).
  3. Goodbye dirt : When items in your home or apartment stay in one place for long periods of time, pockets of dirt and dust build up – so much so that you won’t always identify the cause. A thorough spring cleaning (with powerful products, available inexpensively in the latest Stanhome or Ikea catalog, for example) allows you to see your home in a new light. Perhaps the layout of your living room will suddenly seem less appropriate, and this spring cleaning will give you new decorating ideas.

4 DIY ideas to better tidy up your interior without breaking the bank

With spring, the pairs of mittens, winter clothes, and the big blanket that kept you warm on the sofa suddenly becomes unnecessary. Rather than get rid of it, you just need to ltidy up until next year. Here are 4 practical storage ideas to do at home.

  1. A storage space in the entrance : add baskets in the entrance or open bins that will help you store and sort shoes or bags and prevent them from lying around the house.
  2. A safe seat in the bedroom : this multifunctional piece of furniture will allow you to increase the storage capacity of your bedroom (and to store the blanket that you will soon no longer need);
  3. Vertical storage : they instantly increase your storage capacity, in particular thanks to suspensions above your desk;
  4. We don’t forget the doors : take advantage of the unused space on a cupboard door or that of the pantry to fix storage (baskets, magazine racks, hooks for the kitchen apron, etc.)

Spring cleaning is an excellent way to clear your interior, and find a fresher and cleaner home! Do not deprive yourself of its benefits, both physically and mentally.

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