10 DIY ideas to decorate your entryway with pallets: get inspired

Meubles DIY entrée avec des palettes.

You can use pallets to make decorative items for your home. If you want to improve your entrance hall, you will find some interesting ideas here. We have gathered some inspirations to allow you to transform a simple palette into a unique object.

Do you want to revamp your interior in a simple and economical way? Then the wood pallet might be a good solution for you. With a simple element like this, in fact, you will have the possibility of making original the entry, a place which, most of the time, is left in the background.

With a few pallet decorations, you can spruce up this passage, showcasing it as it should. If you’re curious about how, read on.

We have selected 10 DIY ideas for you to decorate your hallway in the best possible way.

Decorate the entrance with pallets: DIY coat rack

One of the most important items in the house is the coat rack. Anyone can easily build one using a recycled pallet and hooks.

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Painted white, the palette will also become an ideal item for a modern home. In addition to the hooks, you can also put a shelf on which you can place a bag or basket.

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If you like the rustic style, the palette is perfect. As you can see in the example, the wood has been left in its natural color, while the small “Love” sign gives an extra touch, reminiscent of the shabby chic style.

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A shoe rack with pallets for the entrance

Another must-have item for the entryway is the shoe rack. By using pallets, which are easy to work with, you can build your own.

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If there are only two of you in the house or if you have little space, you can build a smaller one. The result will be very discreet, but still functional and perfect to meet your needs.

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If, on the other hand, you need a larger shoe rack and have plenty of space, how about a solution like this? You can also decide to use the upper space to accommodate your favorite plants.

Entrance decoration with pallets

Decorations are also essential elements of a welcoming entrance. Attach the pallet to the wall and place plants inside to get a beautiful green wall.

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You can also do the same with a smaller element. The result will be a small table made up of plants.

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Painted white and with glass on top, the palette becomes a splendid piece of furniture to be placed in the entrance hall. You can place a storage compartment in it and decorate it with your favorite objects.

If your imagination is not lacking, you can also decide to cut out parts of the wood to create a small piece of furniture like this and use it as a key ring on the wall.

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With pallets and the right creative ideas, you can craft anything you want and enhance the look of your entryway. We hope our suggestions made you want to decorate your entryway in a creative way using DIY. Choose the project you prefer and turn the palette into a unique decorative object for your home.

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