10 creations made with fabric scraps

10 creations made with fabric scraps

Notice to those who keep fabrics predestined to be given away or thrown away to make homemade creations! A multitude of pretty things can be done, even with a few pieces of fabric. Indeed, mix your scraps and create useful objects, for you, or as a gift! A zero waste gift that will please whoever receives it. Discover in this article 10 creations made with fabric scraps !

1) A key ring

Ideal if you have several small fabric scraps with multiple patterns, this keyring brings them all together! Create these beautiful keyring pompoms, depending on the number of fabric scraps you have.

2) Small coin holder

What could be better than a cute and handmade purse to take your change everywhere? Mix up the fabric scraps and you will be proud to take your small parts out to the local merchant!

3) Headbands to tie

Do you have a little girl around? Make her an adorable custom headband. Be careful, however, to iron them correctly like any other creation, so that they really have their little effect, using your steam generator for fast and optimal ironing! You can use this comparison to choose which one will accompany you in all your beautiful projects. Indeed, it would be a shame to offer such a pretty crumpled headband!

4) A pretty pouch

A pocket is always useful! A credit card, panty liner, driver’s license or a cookie, in short, you can store everything you need!

5) A toothbrush holder

Ideal for traveling, this toothbrush holder will avoid putting it anywhere. Pretty cool as a gift!

6) A small bib

A baby around you? Do not hesitate a moment and offer him a little bib too cute! In addition to being useful, the child will eat in style! You can even sew his first name for a personalized bib.

7) scrunchies

Fabric scrunchies are making a comeback! As a decoration on the wrist or in the hair, scrunchies have their little effect!

8) A mini dry hot water bottle

Ideal to offer to those with the cold, this mini dry hot water bottle with flax seeds integrated inside! 30 seconds in the microwave and warm your hands.

9) A token range

Nothing more annoying, when you arrive in front of the cart, not to find your token buried at the bottom of your bag (or not to have any at all). Thanks to this small token holder, no more problems! Besides having a nice key ring, this one is useful.

10) A salad bowl

Forget the cling film that gets stuck in your fingers and ends up in the trash out of anger! Opt for food charlottes and your food will be just as well preserved.

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