Designing a small terrace: 8 ideas to copy

Designing a small terrace: 8 ideas to copy

Designing a small terrace: 8 ideas to copy © Bergamotte

A terrace, even a small one, is the perfect place to recharge your batteries as soon as the warm weather arrives. To make the most of this pleasant outdoor space, here are a few ideas for arranging it well and making its small surface an asset!

In town or in the countryside, being able to enjoy an outdoor space allows you to escape and allow yourself real moments of relaxation. A terrace, even small, then becomes the privileged place where we love sit down to enjoy the sun, but also to share pleasant moments with family or friends. And with a few good ideas, it’s easy to turn it into a welcoming and friendly little cocoon, dedicated to pleasure and well-being. Like us, a terrace needs to breathe. Not easy when the surface is limited … Fortunately, there are solutions for optimize every centimeter, starting with adapted furniture. Folding tables and chairs or real garden furniture, the main thing is to choose the right dimensions for do not clutter up the space. If you like to eat outside, you can also set up a small barbecue or a plancha. Also remember to protect it from the sun during the hottest hours. Finally, do not forget everything that makes a terrace pleasant to live in: plants, outdoor rugs, cushions, lighting … So many small details that will make it a warm place, which makes you want to stay there. linger. Need help ? Here are some ideas for creating a small terrace where life is good!

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