Building a swimming pool: what is the budget?

Building a swimming pool: what is the budget?

The French love swimming pools. The proof, the hexagon “is the first market in Europe, and the second in the world, with 70,000 swimming pools built each year, for a total of 3 million pools. Of these 3 million, 1.4 million are buried, the rest corresponds to above-ground swimming pools “explains Stéphane Figueroa, president of the Federation of swimming pool professionals (FPP).

And you don’t have to be rich like Croesus to afford this little pleasure: it does indeed exist today. swimming pools for all budgets. “47% of pool owners earn less than 3,000 euros gross per month” assures Stéphane Figueroa.

But if swimming pools are on the rise, they are nonetheless an important investment, the cost of which varies greatly depending on the project.

Flexible above-ground pools

These are the most affordable. Above-ground pools are ideal for those on a budget, those in a hurry, or those who wish to fall back on a temporary solution. But in this category of so-called “entry-level” pools, there are … sub-categories.

We find in particular the self-supporting flexible pools. Made in general of sausages, they unfold as they fill with water. Some models cost a few hundred euros barely, but others, at Zodiac for example, reach 25,000 euros! Everything will depend on the size, the quality of the materials, etc …

Above ground pool © Intex

The tubular pools, they, more solid, are generally made of PVC and surrounded by a steel structure. Their average price is around 600 to 700 € for a small pool of 4 x 6 m for example. But it is quite possible to find smaller models around 300 €. Others, made of steel and resin, have better rigidity. Their average price remains a little higher: 1,500 € for a 4×6 m pool.

Fixed above-ground pools

If, generally, an above-ground swimming pool is intended to remain in the garage a good part of the year, some can be fixed. In this case, their walls are more rigid (steel, aluminum, resin, composite wood) so as not to be damaged in bad weather.

Installed on a flat surface, they are generally equipped with a liner that encircles the basin. Depending on the materials, but also on the dimensions, the prices here oscillate between 1.000 and 4.000 €. Note that this type of pool can also be semi-buried.

In-ground swimming pools: from kit to tailor-made

For in-ground swimming pools, the same fight. The models are plentiful and of course much more expensive than their aboveground counterparts. And for good reason, it will be necessary to carry out demolition work, a preparation of the ground, the leveling of the ground, the pouring of a concrete slab … Work which can increase the invoice of several thousand euros. Note, however, that the price of the earthwork is generally included in the estimate.

Swimming pool kit © Fred Pieau / Realization Waterair

More concretely, the cost estimates vary enormously. For an inground polyester swimming pool, count around € 15,000. Practical, it is generally delivered in one piece and can be quickly implemented.

For a concrete swimming pool, the price climbs to around 25,000 €. Prices will vary even more if it is a shotcrete, poured, or cinderblock pool. Note that the sizes are generally standard: 8 x 4m, 10 x 5m or 6 x 3m. For custom-made swimming pools, prices are soaring and can be around 50,000 €. Ditto for natural pools.

Swimming pool with furnished terrace © Fred Pieau / Realization The swimming pool spirit

Then come the in-ground swimming pools in kit form. They are in fact formwork blocks or modular panels made of concrete or steel. They generally require earthwork. Price of such a solution: around 10,000 €. Of course, if you are a DIY enthusiast, and want to install your pool kit yourself, it will cost you less, but it is nevertheless advisable to leave it to a professional to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Good to know

Please note that all prices indicated are only estimates. To get the best rates, it is best to request quotes (free!) from various companies to get an idea of ​​the market. “You have to take your time and contact members of the Federation of Swimming Pool Professionals, and do it well in advance to determine the technique you want” advises Stéphane Figueroa. And rather than focusing on the price, it is important to learn about the services of the pool specialist.

It is also important to take into consideration that there are additional costs associated with installing a swimming pool. “The maintenance cost costs around 10 € per m3 and per year. Which amounts to an average of € 416 per year, ”estimates Stéphane Figueroa.

Regarding materials, concrete, more solid, will generally be more expensive. The type of coating (liner, tiling, plaster …) will also vary the prices. Not to mention the little extras that you would like to install, such as stairs, lighting, jets, a security system, an automatic disinfection treatment, a swimming pool enclosure, the layout of a terrace, water heating … All of this needs to be thought through and budgeted for. Needless to say also that this type of project takes time. If you wanted to have a swimming pool built for this summer, it is unfortunately a bit late …

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