70 best photos and ideas

70 best photos and ideas

Welcome to our updated post 70 best photos and ideas

Kitchen design in the style of modern classics is what you need: we suggest looking at the photos we have selected, where you will clearly see all its features and benefits.

A mixture of innovation and tradition

Yes, you are not mistaken. Modern classic design is a unique phenomenon that combines the features of traditional design with the addition of fashion trends. To better understand all the nuances, we propose to understand its characteristic features:

  • Restrained colors in muted tones… Beige, white, pastel shades … However, bright accents are also acceptable – the main thing is that they are not too large-scale and are combined with the main palette.
  • Simple silhouettes… No curls, intricate designs or extravagant curves. Comfortable furniture, proven over the years, is what you need.
  • Neutral gender… Wood, stone, carpet or laminate – you are free to choose materials. But give up complex textures and patterns. In this case, the floor is needed to emphasize the general appearance, and not to draw attention to yourself.
  • Working with textures… Here you will need leather, textiles, wood, rattan, good wallpaper and much more. The main indicator of “correctness” is high quality and pleasant tactile sensations. This applies to the walls, the choice of furniture and accessories. But do not overdo it with embossed surfaces – you risk overloading the room. And it is difficult to remove them.
  • Moderation in details… No need to buy up all the decor that you like – everything should be in moderation. Therefore, jewelry is matched to the design, and harmony plays a key role.
  • Combining… Do not be afraid to bring modern trends into the classic interior – built-in appliances in the spirit of minimalism, stretch ceilings, glass facades.

If something confuses you in the finished design project or after renovation, feel free to alter or remove an extra element – the kitchen should look whole.

As you can see, in order to decorate a modern kitchen in an elegant classic style, you will have to make some effort and pay attention to each segment of the room: there are no trifles.

Does it make sense to strain like that? Let’s take a look at the photo to see this!

In the interior

A white kitchen with black fronts is a time-honored technique that remains stylish. Pay attention to the set: wood is combined with frosted glass inserts, and closed cabinets – with open shelves.

For a real classic, such a combination is not very appropriate, but in a modern one it looks natural and organic. Separately, I would like to note the technique: it meets all fashion trends, but does not seem alien. We will put a special emphasis on the oven with two doors – this adds symmetry to the room.

A very original solution – metal appliances in an elegant kitchen in beige tones. The contrast is surprisingly organic.

True, here you have to approach the issue of choice very carefully. No fashionable cuts – extremely straight lines and simplicity. A minimum of decor – it will be superfluous on an already catchy design. An exception, perhaps, can be made for an apron made of painted tiles – a small bright smear in a monochromatic room.

The following photo is an example of a successful solution for a small kitchen of 10 sq.m. Beige corner set with white built-in appliances. It would seem that everything is pretty standard. However, beautiful curtains of a turquoise shade, the upholstery of the chairs to match them, a dark table.

The interior looks surprisingly harmonious thanks to the correct color matching. It does not look pale, but there are no frills either – everything is stylish and balanced.

Pay attention to the ceiling – a two-level plasterboard construction fits perfectly here. Framing the box with spotlights is a newfangled technique. But it goes well with a figured “antique” chandelier. Combinations of this kind are often used in modern classical style.

By the way, no one says that you should definitely use only plain materials for it. A creamy fabric wallpaper with a delicate print is an excellent choice. In such an interior, they are the main element, so select the rest of the furnishings based on their colors.

Apply no more than three basic tones. Here it is beige, pistachio and white. The curtains on the floor will add coziness to the stylish kitchen. It is better to abandon complex structures – straight textiles to match the upholstery of the sofa will be much more advantageous.

Small kitchen 12 sq. m. thanks to the bay window it looks very extraordinary. But such a layout is rarely found in typical apartments – more often it can be seen in private houses. Such a window requires the appropriate design. How about thin curtains of different heights? It is both functional and beautiful.

We advise you to equip a dining area in a niche. Try a non-standard move – for example, buy a rich lemon sofa. True, we still recommend leaving the form classic. Chairs with unusual painted upholstery will complement the impression. On this, we advise you to end the experiments: a standard set with white or beige facades and wooden countertops is a universal option.

Such combinations require the utmost attention to detail: it is worth overdoing it a little with bright elements and instead of fashionable modern classics, you will get an incomprehensible interior with a bunch of furniture that does not match with each other. So think carefully about every purchase.

The original solution for the kitchen-living room is the complete absence of zoning. The set in a light blue shade along the perimeter goes into ordinary cabinets with a TV shelf. A similar reception is possible only in a spacious studio apartment with a large square room. Try to move the dining room into the area reserved for the kitchen.

An important nuance: If you decide on such a design, keep in mind that you need a good powerful hood. And even not one. Otherwise, the whole room will smell like food.

By the way, try to make the hood white, and all other household appliances black – both colors combine wonderfully with blue, and the contrast makes the composition more interesting.

Don’t expect it to be inexpensive – you will have to buy headsets and cabinets to order.

For a small kitchen, such a move is corny impracticable. But there are no less beautiful options – as in this photo. Simple white walls, straight headsets with no frills … It would seem that everything is quite trivial.

In this case, the decoration makes the ceiling. A floating plasterboard construction with an unusual candlestick-shaped chandelier is the basis for which everything else is edging.

To keep the room from looking bland, dilute it with some elegant color. For example, pistachio – it looks noble, but not banal. Use it for curtains and upholstery of the upholstered kitchenette.

Glossy texture is not the most popular choice for modern classics. However, if you can find the right furniture, why not? Follow all the basic rules of style, but take liberties with shiny facades. It looks really impressive.

Wooden countertops, beige walls, gloss and modern technology are a combination that you can’t help but love.

The opposite way – classic cabinets, a black glossy work surface and a purple apron also deserve attention. Add volume to your kitchen with lighting – hidden LED strips under the bottom of the top of the headset fill the room with a soft glow.

A printed apron made of large tiles, a complex multi-level structure on the ceiling with a modern chandelier, an open exit to the balcony with roller blinds … It is fashionable and beautiful. But graceful curtains and soft tones, complemented by straight lines with no frills, are the prerogative of classic designs. It is not easy to make such an interior harmonious, but the result will not leave anyone indifferent.

To summarize: a kitchen in the style of modern classics is a versatile option that combines all the best from tradition and innovation. It takes a lot of effort, but it looks impressive if you follow the rules and practice moderation. We are sure you will be able to do it!

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