40+ ideas, photos of interiors, furniture and decor

40+ ideas, photos of interiors, furniture and decor

Welcome to our new post 40+ ideas, photos of interiors, furniture and decor

So, if you like bright and saturated colors, then you will definitely like the lime color kitchen and will charge you with positive emotions for the whole day.


1 Choosing a style
2 Companion colors
3 Tips for decorating and decorating

What interior styles does this color match?

This rich shade of green harmoniously fits into such modern interior styles as high-tech, minimalism, constructivism, loft, avant-garde.

High tech… Lime color will bring freshness and warmth to the understated high-tech kitchen. This citrus shade can be used in individual details as well as in furniture or walls.

Metallic, glass, glossy surfaces and interior elements that are inherent in this style are perfectly combined with juicy fruit shades.

Minimalism… The asceticism inherent in this style and the absence of a large amount of decor is perfectly compensated by a bright citrus accent in the interior.

All attention in such a room will be concentrated on one or two interior elements of bright colors.

Constructivism… To add warmth and coziness to the cold and restrained interior of a constructivist kitchen, add some bright décor elements. These can be vases, dishes, wall clocks or lime-colored furniture.

Loft… This bright shade can also fit well into the interior of a loft-style kitchen. This democratic style allows for the use of bright accents.

Vanguard… This extraordinary and very dynamic style of the interior involves the use of rich colors. In an avant-garde kitchen, the use of bright shades of green is quite appropriate.

Mixing styles… In our time, it has become fashionable to decorate interiors in the eclectic style, that is, to mix elements inherent in different styles. So, it is not uncommon to find a very successful combination of an ultra-modern shade of lime in a kitchen with a traditional classic set.

What other colors does lime color match?

All neutral colors are perfectly combined with a bright and intense lime shade: white, gray and black. You can also use yellow, orange, green, cinnamon, turquoise, blue, purple and red with this shade.

We offer you a large selection of real photos with examples of lime color kitchens in various color combinations.

White… The intense and vibrant lime color looks great when paired with white. The kitchen interior becomes truly fresh and light. This color combination gives a sense of space and visually expands the walls.

Grey… Neutral gray also works well with a bright green hue. You can use the entire gray palette, from light to dark tones. Take a look at the following example combinations:

The black… Bright and saturated green looks good with black, which sets it off and makes it more intense. However, these two colors should be used in the interior only in combination with white, milky or cream.

Brown… You can also add all shades of brown to the color palette of your kitchen: from light to wenge.

Yellow and green… The use of these two colors looks harmonious in the interior, as they are related to the lime shade.

Blue, turquoise and purple… The use of these colors creates a contrasting combination and makes the interior even more vibrant, so here you need to maintain a balance and not overdo it.

Red… Nature itself has provided us with this combination of red and vibrant green. However, in this case, you should also be careful not to make the kitchen design too intrusive and flashy.

Features of the selection of furniture, finishes and decor

Furniture… In such a kitchen, furniture made of natural wood will harmoniously fit in: walnut, birch, ash or maple. It is also possible to use furniture painted in white, black or gray.

If your kitchen set has lime-colored facades, then the walls are better decorated in a neutral light tone. In the event that the walls have a bright green color, then the furniture should be chosen in a neutral color.

Table top… A worktop made of natural wood or MDF in light gray or black will look most practical and beautiful.

Apron… When choosing an apron, you should consider the general style of the interior. For modern styles, materials such as glass and ceramic glossy tiles are best suited.

If furniture of light colors is used, then you can make the apron contrasting and attracting attention. In the event that the interior already has enough bright colors, it is better to choose a neutral and light shade.

Window decor… In such a kitchen, blinds and roller blinds of novelties in light colors will look good. You can also hang sheer tulle and plain curtains in a light shade.

Appliances, dishes and accessories… You can use bright dishes and appliances to create color accents. Now many manufacturers offer a series of kettles, coffee makers and refrigerators of various colors.

Our story about the features and examples of lime color kitchen interiors has come to an end. We think you will agree that this color directly breathes freshness, moderate brightness and looks very modern. Create the kitchen of your dreams and let it delight you and inspire you to culinary feats!

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