Dining table for a small kitchen: Which one is better to choose?

small kitchen table

Table transformer

small kitchen table

The transforming table is a modern solution for a small kitchen space.

The advantage of such tables is, of course, their ability to move out and in at the right time. With minimal effort, such a table is removed from the headset, unfolds and now everything is ready for lunch.

After eating, it can be “put back” in place and there will be much more space in the kitchen.

pull-out table for a small kitchen

As you can see in the presented photos, in fact, the table can occupy the headset niche and slide out as needed. When folded, this whole structure does not stand out at all from the general facade pattern of your kitchen set.

table transformer

If such a table in the unfolded state is not equipped with an additional support leg, then it should not be overloaded. It is noticeable to the naked eye that it is quite convenient when kitchen chairs are obtained by the same principle.


Round and semicircular folding tables are also a very practical solution.

Unlike the option described above, such a table has a permanent location in the kitchen area. Semicircular models are conveniently placed with their straight side to the wall in any corner of the room.

If the model of your semicircular table is folded, then it can turn into a more miniature square look.

folding table for small kitchen

Small round tables, especially those that don’t fold out, are less practical. Their advantage is their miniature size and aesthetic factor. Unfortunately, such a table is unlikely to fit more than two people.

An important point to pay attention to when choosing round models is their stability. Be sure to make sure that the table does not wobble and that it is stable enough if bumped or bumped. This is important, since in a small kitchen you quite often accidentally touch the furniture in it.


folding small dining table

Folding dining tables for a small kitchen can be perfect furniture. By their principle and purpose, they are quite similar to transformer models.

As a rule, they are reclined from a vertical surface such as a wall, shelf, cabinet. In the photos below, you can see a number of very original solutions that achieve amazing space savings.

The main load in such tables falls on the corresponding fasteners and hinges. When choosing this or that model, as well as when ordering an individual, be sure to ask about the quality of these parts.

Weak wall mounts can lead to the separation of the table from the wall, and low-quality hinges can lead to the fall of the working surface of the table and everything that was located on it.


Another type of tables for small kitchens can be called mobile tables. These are small models that can be moved around the perimeter of the room or kitchen set.

mobile kitchen island

A special rail is attached to the facade of the lower row of the cabinet, for example, under the countertop. It acts as a rail along which the table can be moved within the horizontal plane.

As a rule, these tables are equipped with additional support legs that can be folded.

Bar counter

The last option we are considering is the implementation of the dining area in the form of a so-called bar counter. This solution is fairly easy and quick to implement.

The work surface you like is chosen and attached to the corresponding wall or between the walls if it runs opposite the window.

Bar counter for a small kitchen

This solution is best suited for narrow and elongated small kitchens, where there is a set on one side and a wall on the other. As a rule, the dining surface is mounted at the level of the table top.

Both aesthetically and functionally, high bar stools with or without backs are well suited for such a dining area.

Almost no kitchen can do without a dining table. Experience shows, as well as the material described above, for any area and shape, an optimal solution can be found.

Today, you have the opportunity to choose from dozens of ready-made solutions that suit your small kitchen best.

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