50 ideas and photo examples of furniture and interiors

50 ideas and photo examples of furniture and interiors

Welcome to our updated post 50 ideas and photo examples of furniture and interiors

He is able to recreate an unobtrusive, good-natured, comfortable atmosphere in the room, conducive to a pleasant meal with the family.

Features of using turquoise

In the photo, a turquoise kitchen in a Scandinavian style.

The cool, crisp, invigorating color of the ocean is perfect for a south-facing kitchen. Even in the scorching summer heat, it will create the illusion of the freshness of the sea breeze.

For rooms located on the north side, this shade of cold palette should be applied with caution.

The tone changes its properties in accordance with the lighting, and in a dark kitchen it can manifest itself too cold and severely, completely not contributing to the appearance of appetite.

Don’t forget to shade the turquoise with cool LED lighting to bring out its beauty. Yellow lighting will not work at all. The versatility of turquoise manifests itself in combination with other harmonious or contrasting shades.

A color scheme

Snow white to gray… The use of finishing in white colors in combination with furniture in a bright turquoise tone when renovating a room is very effective and successful.

Such an interior reminds of the open sea, white sails and the serenity of the sun at its zenith, reflected in the waves.

Peace and tranquility will reign in the white and turquoise kitchen. Gray paints give a slightly more muted effect. They can be the backdrop for bright furniture or decorative items.

From honey to terracotta… All warm shades of red interact productively: honey, golden, ocher, sand, terracotta and copper.

These colors can be used for flooring and wall decoration in combination with bright nautical furniture, and vice versa.

A light, almost burnt-out mint tone can be used for interior decoration, where wooden furniture of golden oak color, with original decorative utensils made of brass or copper, will take advantage of it.

A third option is also possible, when two colors are dominant. For example, terracotta and teal against a pastel backdrop will make an impressive ensemble.

From pale blue to indigo… The self-sufficiency of the color scheme is evident in its ability to create stunning monochrome ensembles. Interiors in blue-mint and azure-turquoise colors also look rich and bright.

The blue tone gives the interior austerity, it can be used for textile decoration of the kitchen.

The azure glossy facades of the kitchen furniture against the background of delicate pastel shades of aqua will create a joyful and active atmosphere. But it is worth noting that it is better to supplement monochrome combinations with small contrasting details that will delight the eye.

Light brown to wenge… The union of deep brown and light turquoise looks luxurious, elegant and rich.

This combination can be used for the main range of premises, taking as a basis for furniture facades, textile decor, and flooring.

The beige color scheme is used for the floor, sometimes for wall decoration. He fills the room with the missing warmth. Turquoise details can be added to a creamy beige kitchen for a slight freshness effect.

Light green to dark greenA combination with all shades of green will look fresh and stylish in spring.

Red shades.Bright red looks contrasting in a composition with turquoise.

Use in various interior styles

Timeless classics… Pomp, some solemnity and coldness, reminiscent of the decor of palace halls, are inherent in the classic interior in turquoise colors.

The use of geometric patterns, ornaments and monograms on the surfaces of furniture and walls in this style will look quite appropriate. The classics are emphasized by gold or bronze used for doorknobs, crockery and decorative items.

Rustic flavor… The rich shades and rich colors typical of Mediterranean styles allow the use of color to the maximum.

Curtains, upholstered furniture, decorative pillows, lamps – all these can have different shades of turquoise, combined with similar and contrasting colors in fancy patterns.

Frosty freshness of modernity… Glamorous modern, sophisticated shebi-chic, laconic minimalism are also good for using frosty colors.

Bright tones in combination with red, yellow, bright green or purple are suitable for modern; to create a kitchen interior in a retro or shebi-chic style, you can use the faded, paler shade of color.

Turquoise combined with chrome and metal can become the basis of a high-tech room. You need to be extremely careful when choosing the color of the countertop.

When renovating your kitchen in one of the styles, don’t be afraid to use the freshest, most sophisticated and versatile shade of the palette. Let it be just small details, elements of textiles or decor, but they will make your kitchen unique.

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