7 best examples of placement with photos

7 best examples of placement with photos

Smart and correct mirror placement is an easy way to reflect and enhance the natural light available.

The result can be a visually more open and spacious kitchen.

For small kitchens, where light and freedom may not be enough, a mirror can be more useful than ever.

Next, we’ll look at and comment on a few good examples of mirror placement.

Over the stove

Mirrors emphasize the details and color of objects in their reflection.

For example, in this kitchen, in reflection, we can see a vibrant collection of brass kitchen utensils that are suspended on a beautiful shelf.

Tip: The mirror should be hung so that it reflects an attractive look.

As an apron

According to the principles Feng Shui, mirrors symbolize water that fights fire, and therefore they should hang over the stove.

In addition, placing a reflective surface behind the slab creates the illusion of much more space.

Advice: do not use ordinary mirror glass as an apron. It can crack easily from heat or accidental impact from a heavy frying pan. Look for special heat and shock resistant glass.

On the shelf

For example, in the above photo, the mirror hangs at a certain angle.

Mirror on the shelf in the kitchen

This allows you to reflect not a dull white ceiling, but more attractive kitchen design elements, such as lamps and furniture.

Tip: Position the mirrors so that they reflect the best sides of the room.

Over the sink

In the West, in the original kitchen layouts, the sink is often located opposite the window.

In cases where this is not possible, then you can create the illusion of a windowhanging a mirror over the sink.

Such placement, in our opinion, is the most charming option for the kitchen, although this is not very popular in the CIS.

Here’s a look at these wonderful examples and how great they look.

In the headset

In addition to being able to hang a mirror in a frame, you also have the option of integrating mirrors into the facades of kitchen furniture.

As you can see, here the facades are made in antique style with patterned and highly reflective glass.

This approach adds a slight bonus to the space, a sense of openness and light in this part of the room that is far from the window.

On the wall

The most classic version. It works especially well for small and narrow kitchens.

In such cases, a good location of the mirror element can significantly increase the visual area of ​​the kitchen, increase light and a sense of spaciousness.

for instanceIn this small kitchen, the entrance mirror helps create a sense of openness by reflecting flowers, a chandelier and a beautiful suite.

Feng Shui says that before you hang any mirror in the house, you should ask yourself what it will reflect, since everything that the mirror reflects will double – good or bad.

Big size

Another approach is to choose a huge mirror, almost the entire wall.

In this case, it can fulfill not only the role of expanding the space, but also the role of the main decorative element of the kitchen.

There is no doubt that a mirror panel of this size will attract all the attention, so you need to initially take care of the perfect frame for it.

We think that it is obvious that, first of all, any mirror creates an excellent visual effect of increasing the kitchen area.

But, as you can see above, in a number of cases it also plays a charming decorative role.

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