photo of headsets and layouts from 2 to 4 meters

photo of headsets and layouts from 2 to 4 meters

Welcome to our latest post photo of headsets and layouts from 2 to 4 meters

The design of a direct kitchen in some photos may seem boring: just a straight line of cabinets and appliances, a standard layout and predictability. However, it is not. With the right design and layout, such a headset will sparkle with new colors.

Reasons to choose a direct kitchen

Straight-up headsets are easy to install, comfortable and will go well with almost any décor. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits and features:

  • Direct kitchens are a great solution for a small room. They do not take up much space and leave space in which to equip a cozy dining area. In large rooms, they look visually elongated. Plus, if the headset turns out to be 4 – 5 meters, you will have to run between the stove and the refrigerator.
  • If you need to distinguish between the kitchen and the living room in a studio apartment, such a set will save you from the need for unnecessary partitions and allow you to zone the space.
  • Installation of direct kitchens is very simple, even a layman can handle it. In this case, you can combine the elements to your liking, it is not necessary to order the entire set.
  • They harmonize well with various types of interiors, from classic to high-tech.
  • For the design of direct kitchen sets, there is many interesting trickswhich we’ll talk about in the next section.

Modern design techniques allow you to move away from the standard design. It is no longer necessary to buy a direct wood-grain kitchen with the usual shapes of cabinets. You can choose the option that is ideal for the interior of the room.

There are many stylistic solutions for direct kitchens. With the right approach, they can create not only a functional, but also a very beautiful work area. Let’s take a closer look at the most original ways to install a direct kitchen unit in the kitchen.

Direct kitchen with window

When mentioning kitchen sets, everyone has a stereotypical picture in their heads: the door opposite the window, cabinets and appliances at one of the walls, a dining table at the other. Agree, it’s hard to come up with something unusual. Perhaps experiment with color.

Large rooms are more imaginative, but they are also limited. In addition, not everyone has a sufficient kitchen size.

A direct kitchen set allows you to deviate from this axiom that is boring to everyone. You can arrange it harmoniously … around the window.

The method doesn’t just look spectacular: it adds space to a small kitchen by creating a full-blown dining area.

No planning needed: place the built-in refrigerator in one corner of the headset, the stove in the other.

Hanging shelves should go on both sides of the window, creating a kind of symmetry. For the rest, you are free to show your imagination: color, shape of furniture, design. The reception is stylish and not expensive, so we recommend that you seriously think about it!

Direct kitchen with an unusual addition

Looking at a photo of a straight kitchen 4 meters long with a refrigerator, do you think that it is too small? Well, if you think so, add an element not often found in our kitchens – built-in bar counter.

Of course, this technique is suitable for kitchens no less than medium-sized – from ten square meters. Otherwise, you risk making it difficult to move around the room.

Such a compact bar is useful not only for gatherings with friends – it will serve as an additional work surface if it seems to you that there is not enough space.

Moreover, he will delimit the cooking and eating areas – a convenient solution for the kitchen, which will make it much more comfortable.

It will look especially original if you make the main headset and stand in contrasting colors: white and purple or bright red, black and glossy blue … This is not a case where you should be afraid of bold colors!

Add an island!

If you want to organize an additional cabinet and cabinets for storing dishes and various small things, try installing kitchen island – a convenient design in the center of the kitchen.

Sizes can vary – from three square meters for small spaces to huge tables for spacious kitchens.

Having located such an island, you will be able to achieve two goals at once: unload the kitchen set and correct the perception of the room – due to the distance from the wall, it visually adds volume.

Nice bonus: the kitchen island can be easily converted into a dining table. Just make sure that its lid protrudes ten to fifteen centimeters above the cabinets, otherwise it will be problematic to sit comfortably.

The island and the straight kitchen set, made in identical colors, look good. But contrasting solutions are best avoided: they can bring dissonance to the interior.

Complete symmetry

Want to surprise your guests? Install absolutely symmetrical kitchen set.

Start from the center – place the sink there, the only non-duplicating design element.

The section for the built-in refrigerator will need to be duplicated with a similarly decorated tall cabinet, and the stove – with a washing machine or dishwasher similar to it.

Do not worry about the limited colors of the facades of technology, since in the 21st century, bright and original models are sold in stores. As a last resort, you can order their decoration separately.

Reception looks impressive, especially if you choose bright colors: red, blue, green. It looks good in both small and large kitchens.

If you want a more stunning effect, hang a large mirror on the opposite wall – the kitchen will be reflected in it and become twice as large.

Speaking of mirrors …

Straight kitchen sets, the facade of which is decorated with glossy materials or mirror surfaces, look very interesting.

They not only look unusual: such a kitchen adds space, visually expanding the room.

However, there is a nuance that needs to be taken into account. Make sure the mirror is durable – if you believe in the sign, breaking it, you will get seven years of troubles. Of course, this is just superstition – but the need to replace the headset soon after installation can hardly be attributed to pleasant business …

Unusual prints and patterns

If you have decided on the format and “filling” of the direct kitchen, think about its design. Of course, you can choose classic colors or vibrant shades. Perhaps you will even come up with an unusual color combination that will make the headset original and beautiful.

But there is another option – panels with photo printing. Choose a drawing on the kitchen theme or decorate the kitchen with a beautiful landscape that contrasts in scale with the main color – everything is in your hands.

There are many design options for both the wall behind the headset and its facades. Just think about what pattern you would like to admire every day and make your kitchen bright and extraordinary!

Full wall wardrobe

Not very popular, but beautiful trick – integrate the kitchen pocket into the closet throughout the wall. This is a large-scale and costly option for a direct kitchen, but the result is worth it.

Please note that the reception is more suitable for large rooms: it can narrow small ones. However, if you are ready to sacrifice some space – go for it!

A wardrobe decorated in this way contrasts in color with numerous cupboards, built-in appliances and hanging shelves. We recommend it for those who cannot decide between classic and modern.

The only problem: the complexity of embedding household appliances. You may have to replace the classic hob with an oven with a hob. But if you are not a fan of baking, this kind of space optimization will appeal to you.

As you can see, a straight kitchen is not limited to a simple installation of bedside tables in a row with a sink and refrigerator. It gives a lot of room to the imagination, helping to make the kitchen look beautiful and unconventional, while making the cooking process easier.

Do not be afraid to deviate from the standard kitchen triangles – perhaps the straight set is the perfect solution that you were looking for to organize the space in the kitchen.

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