Fashionable cuisine: top 10 trends of 2020

Fashionable cuisine: top 10 trends of 2020

Welcome to our updated post Fashionable cuisine: top 10 trends of 2020

Trend # 1. Simplicity

As in 2021, in 2020 it makes no sense to complicate the design… Better to choose simple geometric shapes and classic colors.

If you order a kitchen in the style of minimalism, urban classics or other laconic trend, you definitely won’t be mistaken.

The preferred color scheme is light and monochromatic, without bright shades. Additional accents and unnecessary decor are a thing of the past.

The 2020 kitchen should be minimalistic, functional, making the most of the available space.

Trend # 2. Matte surfaces

Contrary to popular belief, the soiled facades do not depend on color, but on the type of surface.

Glossy façades – black, white, gray or any other – always leave fingerprints. Therefore, this year is gaining popularity matte texture… From the materials offered today, Fenix ​​NTM, FunderMax, Matelux, acrylics are suitable. Deep matte painting of facades and velvety to the touch “silk” PVC films are relevant. These are not all options – you can create a matte texture using many solutions.

Trend No. 3. Naturalness

In 2020, natural materials and their imitation are at the peak of their popularity.

Elements from natural stone (marble, granite).

Wood can also be used, although I would not recommend making the headset completely wooden. It is enough, for example, to order a countertop or a facade made of natural wood.

The headsets, where wood and natural stone are competently combined, look refined and elegant.

It is also appropriate to use artificial textures that realistically imitate natural ones.

Metallic finishes also work well with wood, especially with the advent of materials such as Fenix ​​NTA.

Trend No. 4. Inconspicuous headset

Today kitchen sets are fading into the background.

This is due to the fact that a style called “modern classics” is gaining popularity.

Designers place emphasis mainly on:

  • walls, aprons;
  • floor covering;
  • accessories, household appliances.

By the way, I completely agree with this trend. I am sure that the kitchen, first of all, should be practical and functional.

If we talk about design, then the competent selection of color combinations provides an aesthetic, stylish appearance.

Otherwise, if the color and texture combinations are chosen incorrectly, then no typeface will save the situation – it will be a complete failure.

Trend # 5. Practical layout

A popular option is the so-called ceiling-to-ceiling kitchens, they are also “three-level”.

This layout came from the Scandinavian countries. It goes well with interiors in the style of modern classics or minimalism.

The solution allows you to make the most of even a small space and unload the lower tier by removing all unnecessary accessories in the mezzanine.

Also in 2020 in demand kitchens without tops… This is true for the premium segment, where the area of ​​the room allows you to make many column cabinets and, as a result, effectively use the lower tier.

Trend number 6. English cuisine

The solution is especially suitable for connoisseurs of modern classics. Such cuisines have already gained popularity in Europe and are being sold very actively. They have just begun to come to us, so we must not miss the moment.

What is English cuisine? The main distinguishing feature: the frame that frames all the facades is attached to the body. When you open the front, the frame remains in place.

Of course, the production technology of English cuisine is more complicated than the implementation of simpler solutions. But this design also looks sleeker. The appearance is more elegant and stylish.

Trend No. 7. Attention to technology

If earlier designers made efforts to hide the technique, now, on the contrary, they focus on it, trying to beautifully beat in the interior.

Most likely, this is due to the fact that, at last, beautiful kitchen accessories and household devices have appeared that do not have to be hidden from sight.

Trend # 8. Thin countertops

When choosing a countertop for the kitchen, we subconsciously tend to make a choice based on the thickness.

Many are sure: the thicker the surface, the stronger and more reliable it is.

Earlier, it probably was. But now on the market updated, durable and resistant materials appeared: compact laminate, quartz, acrylic, glass.

As a result the surface can be made much thinner, while it will not be inferior to similar wood or plastic in terms of strength and durability.

Of course, many of the new materials are not yet cheap, so the choice is more relevant for the premium segment. However, the trend is stable, it is simply impossible not to notice it.

Trend No. 9. Simple facades

By 2020, the facades are becoming extremely laconic. The execution is actively used “No handles”… We are talking about a smooth surface – matt or glossy.

Modern classics suggest several appearance options:

  • a thin bezel or a slightly thicker bezel;
  • the Italian version, which recently came relatively from Milan – a very thin, seemingly inconspicuous frame at the end;
  • the solution is closer to the standard, familiar classics – a separate convex part inside, however, they try to make it laconic and strict.

So called fronts without handles – this is first of all Gola (Gola), a convenient and practical option.

Another implementation is a German pen Schüco (Shuko), immersed in the butt.

Finally, milled handles are used. Both painting and veneer are used.

I note that such extremely laconic facades were already gaining popularity last year, and in 2020 this trend has only intensified.

Trend No. 10. Actual colors

You can have any color scheme, but the following options are most suitable:

  1. 1 Gray-green is now popular in European countries and is becoming in demand with us. It soothes, helps to relax, relieves stress. The color itself is considered deep and aristocratic, and it goes well with white.
  2. 2 Various shades of gray fit well into a design made in the style of modern classics or minimalism. They form a successful combination with woody textures – natural or artificial.
  3. 3 Blue tones some time ago left the peak of popularity, but now they are back in fashion. We are not talking about bright blue, but about moderate, calm shades. They make a deeper impression than the defiant blue tones.
  4. 4 Of course, they didn’t go anywhere and white decisions… Suitable for the kitchen and pure white and glossy white, and various combinations with wood.

Here are some trendy kitchen colors:

I will summarize… This year’s fashionable kitchen should be:

  • spacious and bright;
  • as functional as possible;
  • natural – eco-style is in trend now.

To get such a design, you have to give up unnecessary decor, make a choice in favor of minimalism or modern classics. The result of this approach will be a kitchen where there will be nothing superfluous.

It will make a pleasant, light impression; will help to find peace and harmony.

That’s all for today. Read also:

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