70 cool interior and furniture ideas

70 cool interior and furniture ideas

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Coloristics (the science that studies the properties of color) claims that olive, as one of the natural shades of green, subconsciously evokes in people the feeling of restrained freshness and light coolness, pacified calmness and purity

Choosing a style

It is one of the most versatile colors that you can confidently apply to any style. Olive cuisine can be exquisitely refined, expressively bright, and ultra-modern: you just need to use the intensity of the desired shade and take into account the color rules of the harmonious combination of colors.

Olive color will look perfect in the interior of a kitchen decorated in a cozy country style or refined Provence style. For a rustic look, choose soft, pastel shades.

Juicy and rich tones in the company of shiny chrome accessories will be a colorful addition to a fashionable high-tech interior.

The combination of olive and beige can be successfully used both in a classic kitchen and indoors, with a design in a laconic and minimalist style.

Solemn classic interiors in the Baroque or Empire style suggest the need for a contrast of olive with deep shades of brown (chocolate, coffee), which is usually emphasized by gold (fittings, lamps and / or embossed wallpaper).

Wall color

If the walls of the kitchen have an olive shade, then the color of the furniture is better to choose light shades: white, beige, ivory. Unpainted wood facades are also well suited.

Even if the olive color of your furniture is diluted with color-contrasting details (countertops, fittings, etc.), you should not make the walls in the same green-yellow color tone. An excess of soft green tones will act as a sedative and hypnotic at the same time, and in such a kitchen you will want to sleep all the time, no matter how much coffee you drink.

The colors that can be used without restrictions for the walls together with the olive set are white, pale cream, milky, light beige. Moreover, the brighter the olive, the more white should be.

If your kitchen furniture is decorated with a large number of decorative elements (carvings, accessories), and you do not want the interior to look too pretentious, decorate the walls with a noble light gray color, which will add rigor and respectability to the interior.

In the case when the windows face the north direction or there is simply a lack of natural light in the room, feel free to use the colors of the solar spectrum for the walls: yellow, orange, diluted red.


When choosing the color of the floors, be guided by the rule of building a harmonious space: the color of the walls and furniture is considered the reference point, the ceiling is made lighter, and the floor is darker.

The flooring (laminate, linoleum) with imitation of wood texture is convenient and practical, given the frequent cleaning in the kitchen, and will look very natural in tandem with light walls.

When choosing floor tiles, try to find a pattern that will repeat in color at least two basic shades of the interior. In a kitchen with walls decorated with gray wallpaper, floor tiles with olive-gray ornaments will look very harmonious.

The tile can also be monochromatic, for example, the same color as the countertop. In any case, do not forget that the tiles for the kitchen floor must necessarily have a rough surface – this is a matter of daily safety.


An olive-colored kitchen can successfully “put on” both a calm monophonic and a bright or even colorful apron. If you are going to make it olive, then let the shade be more intense than the main color of the furniture.

A contrasting apron will look great. But, to create a complete composition, it needs to be supported by additional accessories to match.

If you decide to lay out your kitchen apron from ceramic tiles without a pattern, then bright, possibly contrasting, grout will help to give it more individuality and expressiveness.

Tile with olive twigs can support the theme of the south coast.

Table top

The choice of countertops for the kitchen must be approached with special attention and, even, with some pickiness. After all, this is not only a decorative addition to the furniture set, but also a work surface that must withstand considerable loads and which is easy to clean.

As for the colors of the countertops, surfaces that also have a “natural” color are remarkably combined with olive color. Natural stone or noble wood species will look very harmonious, especially if a similar texture is repeated in some other elements of the interior.

Tabletops in the color of coffee or chocolate, saffron or mustard, plum or eggplant look spectacular. A matte surface will muffle the visual perception of color, while a glossy surface will make the shade more saturated.


Imagine the trendiest, trendiest and most modern kitchen without curtains, pretty kitchen towels, potholders and other fabric items. Will it be cozy in such a kitchen? Of course not.

Beautiful curtains for the kitchen not only protect us from the bright sun and participate in the general design multi-colored idea, but also create a cozy atmosphere, and sometimes they can completely change the look of the room. Therefore, the choice of original textiles is perhaps the most important thing after choosing furniture.

A set of white textiles will look very festive and light in a warm olive interior: air curtains, stylish tablecloths and napkins, original pot holders and towels.

But, curtains can also serve as an independent contrasting color accent, complemented by small decorative details. Curtains of chocolate, mustard, cream or blueberry color are well suited to the color of olives.


Olive kitchens need bright accents and color spots. Colored dishes will look tasteful – plates, cups and kitchen accessories of fruit and vegetable flowers: green, orange, tomato, raspberry, cranberry, etc.

If the interior is made in country or Provence style, then beige accessories with the image of olives will be appropriate.

Provence style

The Provence style is characterized by coziness, comfort and home warmth. In the decoration of the kitchen, muted shades are used, as if faded in the bright sun.

Delicate olive green fits perfectly into this color palette. It is enough to generously dilute it with white or milky, and you get a cozy interior in the style of the French province.

It is better to choose furniture from natural wood. The original texture with a natural pattern, small cracks and chips will further emphasize the set style.

An olive-colored kitchen set will look spectacular and beautiful against the background of white walls. They can be painted or pasted over with plain wallpaper.

If you use greenish tones in the decoration of the room, then to create a contrasting picture, the headsets should be made white.

Grayish shades will also fit perfectly into this tandem, giving the interior expressiveness and naturalness.

On open shelves, you can put beautiful dishes of greenish shades. If you like more practical solutions, use glazed doors as facades.

The main thing is to adhere to the imitation of antiquity. Olive painted furniture with slightly cracked paint is ideal.

If you cannot find suitable antique furnishings, you can use artificial aging.

When decorating modern interiors

In modern interiors, shades of green are quite common. They relax the nervous system, fill the room with harmony, give it naturalness and naturalness.

Choosing high-tech or minimalism for yourself, you should already initially give up the pretentiousness and abundance of decor, as well as other accessories.

The real adornment here is the shine of metal, which will be especially effective on glossy facades.

For spacious kitchens, you can pick up more intense shades of olive. You can use gray as a complementary color. It fits perfectly into modern interiors.

Proper lighting will help to emphasize the sophistication and uniqueness of the design. Built-in spotlights are ideal for this idea.

Don’t forget about using household appliances from an aesthetic point of view. Choosing for yourself a model in black with chrome elements, you can favorably emphasize modern interior solutions.

In a small kitchen

A small kitchen is not a sentence, it is just necessary to approach its arrangement with all care and attention.

Green itself visually brings objects closer, which reduces the size of an already small room. The exception here is the light shades of olive. Dark tones can be used as accents.

Correctly selected lighting will help to visually expand the walls and raise the ceilings. This is especially true for kitchens that are not located on the sunny side. The luminaires can be placed both above the working and dining areas.

Olive can be used for almost any stylistic kitchen. For small rooms, classic or minimalism will be worthy solutions.

It is better to place a light kitchen set along one wall. This will allow you to significantly save an already small area.

Choose small tiles for a work apron. As a decor, you can pick up models with an image of olives.

Wallpaper with unobtrusive floral ornaments is perfect for decorating walls. Instead of heavy curtains, it is better to use light air curtains or roller blinds.

In a private house

For the kitchen interior in a private house, there are an order of magnitude more design options than for city apartments. For example, you can arrange it in a fashionable eco-style.

It will be extremely difficult to implement it in a city apartment, but it will be most suitable for a country cottage.

Light olive color will fit perfectly into it. Dark shades can be used for background blotches: arches, niches, accessories, decor.

If you have the opportunity and desire, make large panoramic windows. Eco-style stands out against the general background with spaciousness and abundant lighting.

Olive-colored materials can be used to equip a work apron and flooring. Light colors are suitable for furniture, both a headset and a dining area.

When choosing decorative elements, take into account not only the color, but also the fact that each style of interior has a certain geometry of objects: classic interiors prefer smooth, rounded shapes, high-tech and minimalism styles are straightforward.

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