50 cool interior photos and design tips

50 cool interior photos and design tips

Welcome to our recent post 50 cool interior photos and design tips

Many designers will disagree with you: this technique is widespread and used in various types of design. We suggest looking at kitchens made in the patchwork style – we think our photos will convince you to seriously think about it.

For a better understanding of the nuances, we have collected for you 8 main featuresby illustrating each of them.

And what is it?

In fact, it would be an exaggeration to call patchwork an independent style. It – special weaving system using different patches in one product

But now the concept has expanded: it is used to decorate ceilings, walls and kitchen aprons

Of course, the range of materials has also become larger – now the term refers not only to textiles, but also to tiles, wallpaper and even murals.

The popularity of patchwork and quilt close to it (a special way of sewing quilted two-layer fabric) can be explained very simply: they can add comfort to any kitchen.

Let’s see what its features are and how best to apply this unusual technique in modern kitchen interiors.

Let’s try to combine

To be honest, the idea of ​​decorating the entire room in this style seems to us not very successful: the result will be too colorful and will tire the eyes. But making it an accent is a great solution

It would be logical to assume that such a catchy decor is not appropriate everywhere – for example, it is difficult to imagine it in a classic kitchen or, conversely, in a high-tech room.

But for Provence, country, Scandinavian or Mediterranean design – what you need

The patchwork style looks no less impressive in the interiors of kitchens made in traditions shabby chic or boho – wherever bright colors and ethnic patterns are welcome.

But in general, you can always experiment – a good specialist will probably help you develop a design project with a successful combination of this style and loft. The main thing is to imagine how such a combination will look like in real life, so that later you do not have to hastily redo the repair.

To do this, you need to understand well all the nuances. Let’s get started?

1. Observe a sense of proportion

For patchwork characterized by bright, saturated colors and catchy ornaments… Do you understand that if you make a similar design on all walls or ceilings, then very soon the kitchen will tire you?

It attracts attention, so we recommend use it to accentuate some piece of furniture or decor… Don’t make it dominant – just one or two elements.

  • In a small kitchen use it to decorate an apron with tiles or create an original wicker curtain from shreds;
  • On the big – for panels or mosaic frescoes. Measure the dimensions so as not to overdo it.

It is possible to deviate from this rule only for a kitchen made in the style of shabby chic or boho chic – there such exaggeration sometimes becomes a highlight.

2. Lots of textiles

As we said before, first of all, it is working with fabric… Yes, the motives have moved to other materials. But if you want a really authentic style, you have to focus on textile accessories

Their choice is unusually wide: starting from rugs for all surfaces (we think that those who live in a private house without heated floors will especially appreciate this idea) and ending with such trifles as covers for instrument stands and hand-made pot holders.

The undoubted plus of this kind of decor is the ability to make it yourself… The execution technique has its own characteristics, but it is not too difficult to learn it – the main thing is a little perseverance.

3. Internationality

Initially, we said that the style originated in England. However, now it has become widespread – it is not uncommon to find such a technique in Japanese or French styles, or a completely unexpected Art Deco patchwork

The latter is distinguished by a more sophisticated range using pastel and golden shades.

Therefore, no matter what kind of repair you decide to do, it is very likely that you will find suitable patchwork accessories.

4. Choose wisely

In addition to national characteristics, the method of implementation also differs. It doesn’t matter what you decide to decorate in this style – curtains or an apron made of patchwork tiles for the kitchen, understanding species will help you make a choice

For example, for shabby chic, crazy – lack of symmetry, a large number of frills and decorative elements. But technique is suitable for Provence watercolor – soft tones, as if flowing into each other.

Unusual and catchy ornament – “honeycomb”. It will not suit every design, but if you can find a decent background for such wallpaper or textile element, then it will become a real decoration of the room ..

This technique in the interior of a home kitchen can be both a winning solution and a tool that will lubricate the whole impression – think three times before making the final choice.

5. Do we weave from wallpaper?

In fact, you don’t need to do this. But to think about what pieces to choose to create a patchwork mosaic have to.

As we said, one of the main features of the technique is rich and vivid colors… For those who decided to buy a ready-made canvas, it is enough just to choose the one that you like.

If you plan to choose a wallpaper design yourself, in order to make a truly unique coating, you need to work hard. However, modern technology will solve the problem for you – there are programs that will find beautiful color combinations

As for the general recommendations, they are extremely simple:

  • Select only one wall with patchwork, otherwise the kitchen will be too colorful.
  • Choose wallpaper of different colors and textures, but the same thickness.
  • The rest of the walls and decor should be as uniform as possible to emphasize the beauty of the complex coating.

6. What about the tiles?

Floor or wall tiles laid in a patchwork style are almost as common as textile accessories.

The same rules apply here as for wallpaper – everything should be bright, but harmonious… Do not try to mix all the colors at once – such a move will definitely be overkill. But choosing tiles of different shapes is a good solution.

If you are not sure that you can do the job efficiently on your own, then it is better to turn to professionals – accuracy is very important.

We recommend that you first study a number of photos – this will help you determine the intended pattern.

7. Possible combinations

As you already understood, it is a mistake to make patchwork the dominant place in kitchen renovation. But in this case, it is necessary to take a responsible approach to the choice of materials shading it.

Turning to the history of the appearance of technology, it becomes clear that this is a village invention. So it would be logical to use natural materials (or their high-quality imitation) – stone, wood, ceramics

Try to avoid overly modern surfaces – plastic and glass can look good together with patchwork, but then there is no need to talk about observing its stylistic features.

Make sure that the conceived design project in the interior will look as great as in the photo – some underestimate the brightness of such decorative elements against the background of more restrained coatings.

8. Don’t forget about the little things

Even if you decorate the kitchen with a huge wicker panel on the entire wall, true expression of patchwork style is reflected in small details

Think about what objects you would like to make an additional emphasis: they should overlap with the main element, as if emphasizing and shading it.

Don’t be afraid to use handmade – it will add uniqueness to the room, which is so appreciated by lovers of this technique.

What can we say at the end? Patchwork is a unique stylistic addition that will help create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in the kitchen. But you need to be very careful with it – no brute force, otherwise the effect will be exactly the opposite.

Personally, we would recommend it to those who love bright things “with history”. But lovers of more classic interiors are advised to look at the special section of our website.

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