10 most beautiful kitchen interiors: rating of designers

10 most beautiful kitchen interiors: rating of designers

Welcome to our updated post 10 most beautiful kitchen interiors: rating of designers

In this review, we will consider the most beautiful interiors that were presented by the “Housing Question” program. In our opinion, these are the best works that can inspire new ideas and your own design ideas for your kitchen.

“Cabin with a porthole”

As you can see from the photo, to implement this project, you need to remove the wall and make three rooms adjacent: the kitchen, the corridor and the hall. The result is a spacious, stylish and austere kitchen, very reminiscent of a business class cabin.

Implementing exactly the same kitchen interior is possible, but it will not be cheap at all. For example, an arch that rotates if desired: where to get it? All this must be ordered, which will eventually cost a lot.

But the rest of the elements shown in the photo are quite accessible. A piece of wall, which is made in the form of volumetric white waves, can be made not only with plaster. Suitable 3D wallpaper can be used, special polyurethane panels can be used.

In general, you can only take note of this elegant combination of colors: dark brown, white and gray-blue. This is a classic of the genre, a win-win in any way.

You can add even more interesting decor items, for example: marine binoculars on the walls, anchors, twine, lifebuoys, barometers and sailor caps. This will add a special flavor.

It is very desirable to make the floor in the kitchen-cabin not of laminate, but of planks, so that you get the full feeling that you are on a ship (even though there may already be cabins there without a plank floor, but with a modern covering). But you have to convey the spirit of the ship!

The window can also be interestingly beaten, preferring curtains that imitate canvas, for example, instead of ordinary textiles. It will be very nice if in some corner you put an oak barrel on which “Rum” will be written. Pirates and travels across the sea immediately come to mind …

“Large strokes”

But this is a very cozy kitchen, and not only beautiful: the interior, as you can see in the photo, the interior here is homey and a little old.

The effect is achieved using a wall painted with different strokes., an unusual and brightest shade, a cute sofa, a vintage table and chairs of different sizes. It is better to buy such furniture on the Internet, at auctions of antiques, since the stores will not have the same thing, a Chinese fake.

By the way, such interiors are quite popular in Europe. But it is easier for them to find something unusual, since their flea markets are just a storehouse of untold “riches”. And if such a table is not at all uncommon there, then, for a start, try to find it with us, and then try to buy it again, since the prices for vintage are exorbitant.

The kitchen set itself and the work area are quite unpretentious, so the “weather” of the room is made only by the dining area. It is very cozy, home-like, but at the same time unusual and unique.

note the fact that the walls and floor of this kitchen are just gray, they, in general, do not attract attention. And precisely because of this, that they are just a good background, the eye is involuntarily attracted to furnishings and decor.

But the clock, in our opinion, is completely useless there. Rather, a clock is needed, but not like that, but larger and more suitable for the style of the dining area. Otherwise, they look like a foreign object that accidentally hit this wall.

“Optical illusion”

This photo shows a beautiful kitchen, the interior of which can be called minimalist. Modern, unobtrusive, but in our opinion, a little boring.

The “feature” of this design can be considered a mirror, which is attached to the wall. It creates the illusion that the room is much longer and larger. In general, this design option is available to almost everyone.

Furniture, that is, a kitchen set and a dining table, can be chosen to your taste, taking this simplicity of lines as a basis.

Unobtrusive furniture in this interior is diluted with interesting lamps and some decor items. By the way, they can cost much more than the “kitchen” itself. And the mirror can be mounted not only on the wall, as indicated in the photo, but also in other places.

But keep in mind that a large mirror in the kitchen can be annoying over time (not to mention the fact that it instantly becomes covered with drops).

“Under the cherries”

Looking at the name, you might think that now there will be some kind of rustic interior, appropriate in a country house. But, it’s not like that at all.

Kitchen “Under Cherries” is a bold design solution. There is a big emphasis here on bright and interesting furniture, which is not so easy to find. With wardrobes, wherever it went, they can be ordered in any color, but such chairs are not often found. But, as we have already written in other blocks, you can always take an idea partially.

Cherries in this kitchen are original shape lamps. The lighting above the dining table is sufficient and, in addition, it is an element of decor.

It is in this interior that a mirror looks very opportunely. In fact, the room of this kitchen is small, but thanks to it it looks very voluminous, light and not boring at all. As if there is not one window, but two at once.

Bright furniture is visible from all sides, and the water heating tank does not look like itself at all. It looks like some element of a spaceship. Where to find one, however, we cannot tell you. In the most ordinary hardware stores, there is definitely no such assortment.

In general, the interior is very interesting, simple and affordable for almost everyone who has started renovations.

Kitchen in a marble apron

To recreate exactly the same interior, you need to make major repairs in order to remove the partition between the balcony and the kitchen. Here you can clearly see that there was a partition.

Although, maybe it just seems to us that this is really a radius wall of the kitchen. You can’t keep track of the plans of the current new buildings. How different is the Khrushchev business! Everything is predictable and furniture can be arranged simply with your eyes closed.

As to why this design is called “in a marble apron” – we cannot answer you. It’s just some kind of mystery, to be honest. There is no marble there, not even above the work table.

The floor is also not marble, the walls of the facade are MDF, the ceilings are painted. Strange, but true: marble, as a material, was not found there.

Perhaps the designers meant curtains by the “apron”? We don’t know. Let’s better discuss the very look of this kitchen.

It looks pretty cute, but the furniture on the wall of the work wall is rather unusual, which means it’s expensive. It is much better to order such one, and not buy ready-made, since there are no difficulties in the manufacture of such structures.

The lamp above the dining area looks very interesting. It is absolutely in the “loft” style, and although it is not entirely appropriate here, for some reason it does not cause rejection. It would be nice to add something else to match it.

A wall of wine bottles is an interesting solution to take note of and reproduce at a very low cost. To do this, you only need to make a suitable box, and build bottle holders from fittings, of which there are a lot in building markets and for every taste. The only “but”: good wine should not be placed there, since it is categorically not recommended to store it in the light.

The kitchen set in this interior is modern, in the style of “minimalism” and there is nothing particularly remarkable about it. With a strong desire, you can even assemble such a kitchen yourself by studying assembly lessons on the Internet.

The colors are calm, and the bright spot of the room is yellow chairs, which dilute this simplicity and add flavor.

Kitchen with radio

This kitchen is made in accordance with the fashionable trend now – retro. Although, such a feeling is created if you just take a glance. Upon closer examination, it turns out that the elements are all modern, both furniture and appliances.

But oddly enough, there is a retro feeling. Maybe because the design is dominated by blue in combination with a variegated floor. Or maybe an unusual hood plays a role, reminiscent of some kind of transistor from the times of the USSR.

A bare wall looks very unusual, on which there are no wall cabinets familiar and sore to everyone. Also, an interesting shelf with decorative elements near the front door. Such jewelry can be bought at any store
specializing in decor such as Ikea and Leroy Merlin.

But the most interesting thing in this kitchen is that the dining area is shifted directly to the window and the built-in sofa is adjacent to the windowsill. Above the table there is a large lamp on a rotating base that can be turned in the direction you want.

Indeed, a very interesting solution and quite feasible, if desired. Here, apparently, the coloring plays an important role. You almost guess with the tone – the desired effect will not work.

Checked kitchen

Very unusual cuisine. A small cell is not immediately evident here, since it is “hidden” on the facades of furniture. The colors are quite dark, but overall the range is quite original.

As a result, the working area looks like it is a tiled wall. Unusual, you won’t say anything.

If you strive exclusively for something incredible, then such an interior can attract you. Some design decisions are controversial, in our opinion, but the sense of style in this design certainly shows through.

Sunflower kitchen

There are no sunflowers here! Sunflower means – it is somewhere under the Sun, in the vastness of the Galaxy.

The decor is incredibly simple, but at the same time more than unusual. Getting into such a room it seems that you are not in the cockpit of some space liner.

The effect of this is purely from the lighting. LED strips are arranged in broken lines, on the floor – the same effect, duplicated by tile cuts. The apron, too, exactly repeats the geometry of the general style.

The facade of the kitchen unit is so shiny that it reflects the ceiling light and bright light rays. Well, unusual chairs, reminiscent of the seats of anything, but not the usual kitchen furniture, do their job.

Before taking on the reproduction of such an interior, you need to look for masters who know exactly how to do it. The utmost accuracy in the design of the ceiling is very important here, since otherwise it may not come out exactly what you wanted.

Kitchen with bubbles

At first glance, you can’t see where the bubbles are? But they are, if you look around carefully.

An unusual skinali stove stands next to the refrigerator, and those bubbles are shown on it. Such an element looks rather unusual and, oddly enough, harmoniously, despite the fact that it does not at all combine with the textiles of the corner and curtains, which are kept in a completely different color scheme.

A working wall made of “hog” looks very well in such an interior, which has a size slightly larger than the standard one.

Of great importance in the overall concept are the frosted glass facades, which are illuminated from the inside. A refrigerator is also extremely unusual, as if it were made of stone, but not everyone can buy one, as it is very expensive. But what kind …

In general, if you look at all the elements of this kitchen separately, it becomes unclear how they all harmonize with each other. There are light lilac textiles, green chairs, bright red bubbles, a black refrigerator, and bluish lighting. But the fact remains: the combination is just perfect and the kitchen makes an amazing impression.

But keep in mind that all this will look beautiful on a more or less spacious area, at least 9 sq. M. If you try to arrange all this in the “Khrushchev”, then the view will turn out – not very good.

Kitchen with a service under the ceiling

This kitchen has a whole tea set under the ceiling! Moreover, it cannot be said that such chandelier cups are difficult to find. They are available in many stores, and in a wide variety of variations.

But, the main decorative element here is not them, at all. The emphasis is on bold, abstract walls and curtains that would be more appropriate in a dining room than in a cooking room.

They are elegant, voluminous and very eye-catching. The furniture is bright, yellow, but even it is somehow lost against the background of the pockmarked colors of the apron, the floor and a small wedge heel.

The rest is a completely unremarkable design and there is nothing much to draw from here. The usual combination of colors, the same ordinary furniture and a floor that does not fit into the overall concept at all. But maybe we don’t understand anything, we just express our opinion.

Finally, I would like to say: no matter how beautiful the kitchen is in the photo, in interiors with a large area, it is almost impossible to reproduce it in a small apartment. Keep in mind that not every bulky interior detail will look good in a small apartment. Good luck to you!

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