the criteria for choosing the right portal

the criteria for choosing the right portal

Robust, functional, adapted to the terrain and its tastes, but above all reassuring … A gate cannot be chosen on a whim and the requirements are numerous, such as the solutions proposed by the manufacturers! Maison à part helps you to see more clearly to make the right choice.

Just like a front door, one of the first criteria that motivates the choice of a portal is Security. Used daily, the gate must indeed be both robust and functional.

Portal: security objective

“Homeowners now want to simplify their daily lives while preserving their security. The portal’s primary vocation is to limit access to property and protect against intrusions and burglaries. It is generally accompanied by the installation of a fence to provide more privacy and secure the surroundings of the house “explains Stéphanie Lefebvre, General Manager of Gypass.

As such, some products exceed the standard sizes of 2.50 meters, for greater safety. But beyond 4 meters, it is generally necessary to switch to tailor-made.

Reminder: Note that the size limit is measured at the windward surface. Distrust is therefore the order of the day for inhabitants by the sea!

Which opening to choose for your gate?

The most commonly used system is undoubtedly the swinging gate. Why ? Because it easily adapts to all types of configuration, even for sloping terrain. “It also offers the possibility of having leaves of different sizes and of integrating a wicket. However, it requires a certain clearance surface. The opening is generally carried out inwards. so as not to encroach on the public highway“explains Stéphanie Lefebvre.

The advantage of a sliding model is that with its low encroachment, it is ideal for small properties, or even townhouses.

Which opening to choose for your gate? © Gypass

Reminder: The lateral opening of a sliding gate requires relatively large clearance surfaces on the sides, “a length at least equal to the distance between the two pillars” indicates Stéphanie Lefebvre. “We recommend telescopic sliding models here: the leaves slide on top of each other and overlap, thus reducing the discharge surface by two” she suggests.

Motorizing your gate: what are the advantages?

For technology enthusiasts, focus on motorization and home automation. “The user is looking for comfort and easy-to-use equipment. Home automation, and the fact that it can be opened and closed remotely from a smartphone, are contributing to this new craze. It is also a guarantee of greater security“assures Stéphanie Lefebvre.

To note that some motorized gates can be connected to other equipment like alarm, heating or lighting.

Think silly: Attention, concerning the motorization, it is preferable to dwell on the question of noise. For its own comfort, but also that of its neighbors.

An aesthetic portal for a coherent whole

Skip the technical specifics, it is good to remember that the gate is one of the first visible elements of your home, so aesthetics play a major role! “Individuals want a door that is different from that of the neighbor, or even unique, and that fits nicely into their living space. Hence the search for customization solutions and harmonization with other openings (garage door, door entry) of the house “explains Stéphanie Lefebvre.

Do you like contemporary lines? No more rounded or policeman’s hat shapes, and focus on streamlined profiles and frames, with large width slats without uprights or crossbars. Some models combine several materials, such as glass with perforated aluminum panels, etc. Brands even offer panels with decorations, or openwork geometric patterns. But for openwork models, pay attention to privacy!

An aesthetic portal for a coherent whole © Lapeyre

For lovers of a more classic style, traditional shapes still have a good press. The manufacturers do not skimp on the wrought iron models with the appearance of the grilles of castles, with volute, arabesque, scalloping, daisy, rosette, base decoration, spearhead, ball or fleur-de-lys tip …

Regarding colors, the choice is vast. In the matter, which will make a lot of difference on the final rendering: “it’s the material! For example, on aluminum, there are many finishes, shiny, satin or matt” explains Jérémy Guyot for his part. , Lapeyre landscaping product manager.

Think silly: The choice of colors may be subject to local urban plans (PLU). “It is therefore advisable to inquire, especially if you live in an old village next to a listed church for example!” warns Jérémy Guyot.

What material to choose for your gate?

Depending on the style, your budget and your expectations, the choice of material will be paramount. “Aluminum is more and more popular for the design of gates and fences, to the detriment of wood and plastic considered less resistant and more difficult to maintain “, notes Stéphanie Lefebvre.” Aluminum is also a material that has a more contemporary image, with a infinite choice of colors and which has the advantage of being easily recyclable “she continues. The only drawback: its price.

For wood enthusiasts, don’t hesitate! The many varieties of species inevitably make it possible to find a shoe to suit your feet, or rather a portal to your hinges. On the maintenance side, however, while manufacturers generally treat their products with insecticides or fungicides, it is advisable to keep an alert eye.

What material to choose for your gate? © Kostum

PVC also has some arguments in its favor. Inexpensive, easy to maintain and durable over time, it does not fear rust and is easy to clean (hot water and soap are sufficient). But this petroleum derivative, in addition to not being very ecological, remains the poor relation of materials and therefore, much less aesthetic.

With steel, charm and sturdiness, it’s hard to be more authentic! Even if it will be necessary to consider renew the anti-rust treatments every year.

Think silly: The strength of aluminum, already widely proven, can be reinforced. Color finishes by powder coating make it possible, for example, to reinforce its resistance to bad weather, its protection against scratches, shocks and UV rays.

Get support to make the right choice

For the more undecided, some manufacturers offer full support and create a project incorporating all of the customer’s specific requests.

Note also that you can easily install your portal yourself. But to avoid the DIYer’s mistakes on Sunday, it is still advisable to trust an approved installer who will be best able to recommend the most adequate solution. Then, you are free to choose your options. Materials, colors, design, automation … Let go!

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