Retro kitchen – a selection of the most stylish interiors

Retro kitchen - a selection of the most stylish interiors

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Echoes of retro style can be found in such modern trends as shabby chic, “5 o’clock”, vintage, art deco, fusion, etc. But in order to reproduce the unique cosiness of the last century, it is necessary to correctly select all the elements from which will form a general picture of the interior.

Retro style features

It should be noted that the scope of this style is quite wide. The category “retro” includes interior solutions of the English or Victorian classics of the 20s, the turbulent period of the 30s, the military 40s, as well as the bright 50-60s of the twentieth century. Yes, and “domestic” retro from foreign, you see, the order differs. This means that a kitchen decorated in the best traditions of the past decades can look completely different.

However, there is key and related nuanceswhich are inherent in retro style in general:

  • the presence of antique or artificially aged furniture;
  • using only high-quality and natural materials – wood, metals, glass, ceramics;
  • an abundance of decor and accessories, textiles and tableware;
  • at least 3 colors in the interior design;
  • massive and heavyweight “pot-bellied” refrigerator with a handle-bracket;

the most stylized or carefully disguised modern technology and other new devices. True, there is an opinion that creating a “stylish retro” is impossible without contrasting modern details, but not everyone will agree with it.

Particular attention should be paid to the color scheme of the kitchen, which should be bold and bright, nobly saturated or somewhat subdued.

It is worth complementing the overall picture of a retro-style kitchen with well-chosen dishes, textile inserts and other decor items of the last century.

At the same time, household appliances must be selected exclusively in a classic or vintage style. It is believed that outwardly it should correspond to the era you have chosen, and if at that time it did not yet exist, then be as invisible as possible, hidden by furniture facades or false panels.

But this is all offhand. To easily navigate the variety of retro design directions, it is worth knowing the features of each era. Well, let’s go back in time.

Period 50-60s

It’s also called the Housewives’ Decade.… This time is characterized by rich colors, bold patterns and bright elements, for example, a tile floor with an ornament, a snake or a large cage. In this case, the checkerboard floor can alternate with plain tiles, for example, under the dining table or around the perimeter of the room.

Bright monochrome flooring was also not uncommon. The color of the ceiling or walls matches the kitchen furniture or just its facades. For wall cladding, they used white, checkerboard or bright plain tiles or ordinary whitewash, which today can be replaced with more practical washable wallpaper.

The ceiling is decorated with a fan, a wide and flat chandelier, or several round or cone-shaped pendant lights. Another attribute of this era is the round wall clock, matched in color to the interior.

Also, the kitchen space should be moderately saturated with a variety of chrome inserts and details. Furniture of this time had clear forms with an abundance of glossy surfaces.

Most popular colors were considered pink, red, blue, pale or bright yellow, light green or pale purple, which were often combined with white. The interior of the shelves was covered with long mini-tablecloths in contrast to the main color of the furniture, on which the dishes were arranged beautifully.

Colorful 40s

Despite the military events of these years, the kitchen of the families living in the first half of the 20th century was a picturesque and vivid sight.

The main difference between the kitchen interior during the war there were saturated colors, namely: cherry, pale blue, lemon, bright or variegated green, yellow, carrot and turquoise.

These tones were diluted with black and white elements, which in combination with kitchen appliances exclusively made of stainless steel, created a pleasant and unique image.

Wallpaper with flowers or patterns covered not only the walls, but also the ceiling. The floor was decorated with a small or large cage or a variegated 2 or 3-color ornament. Short checkered curtains that cover a third of the window (maximum – a few centimeters lower) are often color-matched to the floor.

prompt: Small curtains at the level of floor cabinets will easily hide modern household appliances.


They distinguished themselves by their style, rich decorative elements and curious solutions that maximize the functionality of the kitchen space.

This period is also easy to recognize by the abundance of glass components in furniture and decoration, as well as by the variety of geometric ornaments on curtains or wallpapers. Tables and chairs from the 1930s had soft lines, rounded edges, and muted tones.

Expensive types of wood, natural leather and ivory were popular materials for decorating the kitchen space and decorating furniture. However, ceramic tiles did not go unnoticed – not only the kitchen apron, walls, but also the ceiling were laid out with it.


First of all, it is worth remembering the traditional English style of the Edwardian era.

It is characterized by spacious kitchens furnished with solid wood furniture with brass or cast iron handles, a large multifunctional stove and an impressive table in the middle.

In modern interiors, brass, which has returned to fashion, is quite often used.

AdviceA: If you like the individual elements of each era and you can’t decide on the best decade, it doesn’t matter. Try to combine all this harmoniously, because the point is not in one hundred percent compliance, but in your maximum comfort.

Retro style kitchen furniture

In order to correctly select furniture that will create a unique atmosphere of past eras, it is necessary to take into account several important principles:

  1. 1. Instead of the usual headsets in retro-style kitchens, it is better to use pedestals, showcases, sideboards and sideboardsthat are capable of producing the desired effect, but only with a competent layout;
  2. 2. If wooden furniture is used, it is worth complementing it countertopcovered with ceramic tiles or artificial stone. You shouldn’t forget about accessories either – it should unobtrusively emphasize the chosen style;
  3. 3. Significantly influence the formation of a retro atmosphere elements with inlay or carvingas well as paneled facades with round or rail handles;
  4. 4. Also for this style are characteristic chairs on one leg… They have, as a rule, wide, curved backs. Of course, no one forbids the use of other models, because there are many suitable options. Check out these amazing photos.


  • Don’t forget that in those days there were no taps with swivel mixers… So, if the unity of style and conformity of the time is important for you, you will have to get used to the usual again, i.e. retro style two-valve mixers. Also think about what other objects would be contrary to the spirit of the time.
  • Whichever retro direction you choose, a few rare little things like a candy bowl for lollipops, black and white photos, porcelain cups and saucers or curly spoons will not be superfluous. The main thing is that the excess of decor does not “overload” the interior.
  • As for household appliances, there are a number of modern manufacturers that produce antique-styled appliances of the sweetest rounded shapes.

To decorate a kitchen in a retro style, it is not at all necessary to purchase expensive antiques, because absolutely new furniture or equipment can be artificially “aged”. And you can do it yourself.

But the most budgetary and curious options, perhaps, await you in the basement or in the attic.

It is possible that it is there that you will find great-grandmother’s chests of drawers, stools, table sets and cutlery, jars for cereals, an old, but very tenacious refrigerator or other retro wonders in quite decent condition.

Why not give them a second life? Supporters of “domestic” retro will be especially delighted with such finds. And here is a hint for them – don’t forget about campaign posters. Just let them stimulate you to action and charge you with positive!

To create in the kitchen a unique atmosphere of eras that have become a distant memory, perhaps, and it is much easier than it seems. One has only to carefully select the color scheme, furniture and accessories.

And, of course, it will not be superfluous to devote a couple of evenings to viewing old photographs, postcards or films in order to feel the general message of the chosen period.

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